The Spiritual Vine

The Spiritual Vine

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This piece has been taken to and holds the powers of the Garden of Eden. You will notice that on this piece is what looks like a vine. This is symbolic of the power that you get when you wear this piece. It is called the Spiritual Vine. The Spiritual Vine is an energetic power that will wrap itself around you and your soul and transport you in your soul form to the Garden of Eden. It is a white light power that has been developed by God so he could give the gift of the visiting the Garden of Eden to those that he felt were deserving.

When you wear this piece, the spiritual vine will entangle itself with your body and soul. Of course, this is not going to be something that you will be able to physically see, but you will be able to feel the energies trickling through your body. Make sure you are in a resting position because you don't want to be transported and then all of sudden your body falls to the floor. Make sure you are lying in bed or sitting on your favorite recliner when using this piece because your soul will leave your body.

Once you are in the Garden of Eden, there are endless possibilities of what you can do. You can communicate with the angels that have made this place their home. They can give you countless powers and abilities and to take home with you and to use in the mortal realm. You can visit the numerous amounts of sacred caves where hidden powers reside and the history of humanity is kept. you can experience the Tree of Life and the many different forms of knowledge that it has to offer. Really, the possibilities are open-ended. We have been to the Garden of Eden many times and we never tire of visiting no matter how many times we travel there. This piece is incredible!!

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