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PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES THE SAME POWER AS THE SUPREME PRIEST AND IS FROM THAT FAMILY BUT IT IS NOT THE SAME VESSEL. IT MAY LOOK LIKE IT BUT HERE IS A LINK TO THE SUPREME PRIEST SO YOU CAN COMPARE PICTURES. SOMETIMES PEOPLE SAY DEE DEE THAT IS A PIECE I SAW WITH ANOTHER LISTING,NO IT NEVER IS. SO HERE IS THE LINK SO YOU CAN COMPARE FOR YOURSELF. The power in this piece is BEYOND amazing!!!! You will never regret owning this piece! What you need to know that we didn't for the first listing. This piece is so powerful it will KNOW YOU! This can change vessels but we are placing it in a lock box right now with a shield on it so it can't change unless you want it to. It will be mailed in a spell cast bag so it doesn't change during shipping. We will insure that this will change unless you wish it to and it decides too. This IS the SUPREME PRIESTESS, THE FEMALE AND MORE POWERFUL VERSION OF THE ALL THAT IS POWER!


This particular item is one that has seen only a few owners, and we had to go through quite a bit of trouble to get it, especially because it is oddly unique in what it does and people who come to own it do not generally wish to part with it.


It was created by a dark priest who had taken hundreds of thousands of lives as an investment for power rivaled by none. Are you familiar with the Black Death?


History crowns the Black Death as one of the most devastating pandemics in all of human history as it had killed somewhere between 30-60% of the entire population. In all actuality, it had acted as one gargantuan mass, during which a plague was conjured and released upon humanity. For every life claimed by the plague, the priest would be granted more power. Eventually, however, the power had grown nearly too overwhelming for the priest to control and he was left no choice but to end the plague and in turn end the influx of power. With the power he had acquired, the priest attracted a following, which eventually adopted its own beliefs and structures, which were influenced by him. They would come to call the Supreme Lord.



They believed in the following:



1.     We are not human because failure, vulnerability, and death are traits only inherited by humans. We do not fail. We know not of vulnerability. We will live forever.


2.     You render yourself as a tool, which will not break, will not falter, will never stray from the path the Supreme Lord has set before you.


3.     The unworthy must never know that we exist. To serve and to keep our secrets hidden is the key to power and supremacy.


4.     All that is done is done only with the Supreme Lord in mind.



They were mesmerized in given hope in wake of his power. He is said to have been able to summon and command spirits including but not limited to demons and angles. He could manipulate the mind of a human into doing whatever he wished, regardless of whatever it was. He could instantly cure any form of sickness or deformity. He could even appear in multiple places at once under any identity he desired, which is said to be one of the biggest reasons for how loyal his followers were.


When the priest grew too old and frail to continue his reign, a stir arose among his following. The Supreme Lord was week and despite the beliefs, the promise of such an enormous amount of power had begun to darken the minds of even the most loyal.


Aware of all that was beginning to stir amongst his following, the priest had realized the no one was worthy of his power or the following he had created. Ironically, a group of people that were meant to exist forever was wiped out seemingly over night, the deaths and power being drawn into the piece. It was the last ritual the priest would perform and it ended up killing him as a result.


The item did not surface again until the 1600s when it came into the hands of a woman who survived coming in contact with it. The power within the item had gone dormant. However, within time of being in possession of it, the power eventually returned, only this time it embraced its owner. The woman was capable of power beyond imagine. All the owners that came after her experienced the same thing. In fact, beyond the priest, the piece has never exhausted the owner or killed anyone with its power either.


In total, we estimate six or seven previous owners before it came into our possession.


This is a piece that cannot be cleansed because of its age and the extreme power of it. We do not want to mess with it. It remains capable of white magic, dual magic, and dark magic. You must use this piece at your own discretion.


The piece is extraordinarily powerful. I myself have never come in contact with a piece as powerful as this. With it, I was able to summon spirits of any sort. I was able to use my third eye on an entirely different plane. I could dreamwalk, physically visit multiple places at once, and even inherit the magic of other items permanently. It grants whatever you ask of it. 


This antique pin has the purple egg of ascension of God of the glass that came from the Garden of Eden. It features the snake that was Lucifer with legs before he was legless.

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