The sustenance of Saint Germain.

The sustenance of Saint Germain.

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The sustenance of Saint Germain.

Saint Germain lives forever. He usually looked like he was in his 50’s in public. He has the ability to look any age but picked 50 because he figured it would be less noticed. If he looked in his 20’s he figured sooner or later someone would catch on. 

I have done research on him for almost forever! It started on my first trip to New Orleans where I checked out various places. The old Pharmacy that is under a gag order to not reveal it’s haunted, Jackson Squares hidden portal in the alley, the tomb of the Prince, etc. While all of these things are interesting the two things that will always stand out in my mind were the people who turned into crows and Saint Germain. 

A lot of people don’t know that to this day he owns a building in the French Quarter. The tax office will tell you. Handwriting analysis has been done and it’s been the same person for 200 plus years signing documents and checks. While many people have heard of him and his immortality they don’t know the little details. I do.

I have kept in contact with a lady at the post office right outside of the Quarter. She told me rumor was he was in town but that it was probably just talking. She said talk goes on all the time among the people, readers in the square. We were chatting on the phone and a few days later she called me back to tell me that one of the readers swears she sat with him and had a conversation. That’s all she told me but it got me thinking about him again and wanting to dive deeper into where he might be and what’s going on with him.

I have a piece which I’m not selling that allows me to look in on things and even control them. I never really use it because I look at it like an invasion of privacy. I did use it to peer in on him. He KNEW I was doing it! He looked up and asked if I wanted to meet so I said yes, of course!

Anyway, let me be real here. So a lot of people look for things of power, wealth, etc but I like things that can seriously change things. I like things that change situations and life because if you can do that, you can do anything. The reason I keep the item is because it’s very useful to me. The last time I used it was only days ago. I used it as what would be considered dual magic. This woman won’t control her monster who is much older then Hatchie. Hatchie was pushed to the ground and it’s not the first time this spawned welfare monster put her hands on my Hatch. While I’m easy going 99 percent of the time, don’t get my temper going and she did. She spawns with a 67 year old saggy balled man and she’s a 22 year old goat faced breeder. He’s with her because his eyesight is not the best and she’s with him to pop out as many kids as she can, 4 so far and welfare pays for them as they don’t know he lives with her. Anyway ..... her older monster won’t leave Hatch alone. I’m not the one who’s kids you want to mess with. That can cause death, I’m serious. Hatchie is three years old. The bully shit ends here! So I peer in on goat face while Hatchie is at the playground with her. Her monster child goes rogue, goat face gets the air bubbles slapped out of her head. Monster child throws dirt at Hatchie, goat face gets kicked in the ass really hard. This goes on for a week of play dates. Goat face catches on as of yesterday and now corrects her kid. There was more to it than that but it’s a lot of typing. Anyway, it was that piece that allowed me to see Saint Germain, he just knew it!

I learned a lot from him like he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t need to. Girl, please!!!! Hook me up!!! So he did! Not in all the ways I wanted him to but I learned some fascinating stuff.

Saint Germain became immortal in Savannah Georgia. It was there while visiting a young man that he was given a very special tea. Bold in flavor and magical in its chemistry Saint Germain remains today very much alive. The tea takes the place of food and allows for so much magical ability and physical changes. His sense of knowing is amazing! His anti-aging, supreme, his magical abilities were given and then enhanced. Then some years later came immortality through the magic of the rabbit hole as the tea is called.

You will get the tea! Have some at least twice a week. Watch life change and your health improve, ability deployed and fine-tuned. Don’t delay, stop aging today!!!

You may drink the tea every day. We don't suggest that you stop eating, he did that after becoming immortal. This is said to give immortality, clarity of mind and prevent aging. This along with loads of magical ability.

You will get a large amount of this great tasting tea and all you will need is a tea ball or a loose teaspoon.


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