The Sweet Recourse of Strawberries

The Sweet Recourse of Strawberries

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In certain magical circles, strawberries hold great significance. Not only are they a food that nourishes the body and provides it with a food source of vitamins and minerals, but it also holds great significance in the spiritual realm. Strawberries hold natural energies that cleanse the spirit, mind, and soul. Additionally, they are thought of as the harbingers of a new season. They are the often times one of the first signs of life in the Spring. As such, these strawberries hold the spiritual essence of new beginnings.

When wearing these earrings you are going to gain the spiritual presence of strawberries. For beginners, these earrings will omit a spiritual cleansing. Since the earrings are worn close to the brain, this is where the cleansing will begin. The energy will cleanse your mind and then will work its way throughout your entire body. This invites a calmness and cleanliness that will allow for the awakening of the 3rd Eye. This brings in a multitude psychic abilities including the ability to read and control minds, the ability to be able to see the future, hypnosis, and a slew of other abilities, as well.

Secondly, this piece is going to bring about a "New Season" for you. Whatever negative energies were in your life before, you can kiss them goodbye. Whether this is poverty, a toxic love cycle, bad luck, or some other negative aspect of your life, these situations will be turned around and they will affect your life in the opposite capacity of what they affect your life now. Poverty will become wealth. Toxic love will become true love. Magical blocks will become an abundance of energy and the ability to embrace new powers. This piece is an all-around good 180-degree turnaround plan that will erase the negative and bring on the positive.

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