The Tears of Laveau
The Tears of Laveau
The Tears of Laveau

The Tears of Laveau

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This piece has come to us as a result of another piece that we were testing that allowed us to astral travel. The piece that we were astral traveling with was Asian. I guess this is why it took us to an Asian ghost city. There are a lot of those around, actually. I cannot tell you exactly what ghost city we ended up in if I'm being honest. All I know is that it looked like a scene from one of those apocalyptic movies. There weren't cars everywhere, there were just buildings and trash. It seemed as though everything lied dormant. That was until we met the group of Asian sorcerers.

We found the complex of Asian sorcerers on the outskirts of the Asian city. Deedee could feel them psychically, despite the fact that they had set up wards to protect their confines. It wasn't that we wanted to do anything bad to the place. We just wanted to see what the heck was going on inside. We're nosey like that. I mean, we investigators. It's pretty much what we do. So, the wards didn't effect Deedee or me, so after walking straight through their doors there seemed to be a little bit of confusion on their part. They babbled on in some language that I didn't know and then we were finally taken to a person with broken English that was better than speaking to the people who didn't understand English at all. Hey, we take what we can get.

Either way, we told the guy that we meant nobody any harm and that we simply wanted to scope the place out. He seemed cool with it but insisted on escorting us as we explored. We were still trying to figure the place out when we came to a large corridor that led to a large domed room with a fountain in the center. In the center of the fountain, I'll be damned if they didn't have a lifesize statue of Marie Laveau. Inside of the fountain was change and all sorts of personal effects that they must have offered the Voodoo queen in exchange for favors or magic. I'll have to admit that I wasn't ready for that. An underground encampment of Chinese sorcerers that were practicing Voodoo. It's like we couldn't make this stuff up even if we wanted to.

While we were there Deedee was able to make a telepathic connection to the statue. The statue that was in the fountain was actually taken from a place in Louisiana. I guess the Chinese sorcerers got a little big for their britches and went on a thieving spree of magical relics and this one of the ones that they found. We didn't go searching for others, because quite honestly, one was enough for the day. Plus, they had already had it for over 100 years. I mean, at that point whose statue is it really? So, the connection to the statue that Deedee was able to get told her immediately that the presence of Marie Laveau lives inside of the statue. Deedee was able to communicate with her to tell her that we had traveled here, so there had to be a purpose to our visit. It was at that point, that in true statue fashion, it began crying. It didn't cry tears. Rather this statue cried the evil eyes that you see have made this bracelet. We took the evil eyes home with us for testing and we have determined that each of them has been empowered with a different magical ability. We could have sold them individually, but instead, we had them made into a nice bracelet with a sterling silver chain. The sterling silver only amplified the powers of the Evil Eyes and now we have a supercharged piece that holds Voodoo magic that was given to us directly by the "tears" of Marie Laveau herself. It's crazy, but it is super powerful.

Below are outlined the color of the Evil Eye beads that they received and the power that they will give you.

Black Eye- This one holds the knowledge of all evil, but this is for the purpose of eliminating all evil out of your life and then casting protective wards so that way evil will never again be allowed to enter your life.

Purple- This color is for regality and fame. If you want to be famous (and wealth) then this piece holds energies that can make you famous. If you don't want to be famous, this power can also be used to develop any talent or skill to make you proficient in what you do without all the fame that some people desire.

Dark Green- This piece holds the wisdom of the universe. Dark Green holds the knowledge of the Tree of Life. When using this power, you develop a connection with that tree and you will be able to ask the Tree of Life for anything and it will be granted to you.

Light Blue- This is a spirituality power. When using this piece, you gain a spiritual ascendence that will give you a full psychic awakening with full psychic powers.

Red- This one holds a Voodoo Blood Spell that allows you to resurrect the souls of the dead. Of course, this will be in soul form. You can resurrect the dead for many reasons with this power, including to gain the powers that they have or simply to hold dialogue with them.

Yellow- Yellow is the color of the Sun. As such, this piece summons the energies of the universe, which is something that Voodoo magic is wonderful at being used for. These energies will allow you to call upon the universe to change your circumstances or the circumstances of others with a single thought.

Orange- The power held here provides vigor and vitality. Not only does this mean things like providing motivation and a little pick up to get started in the right direction, but it also begins a slowing of the aging process so that way you can live to very old age and still feel like you woke up 21 years old.

Light Green- This pure Voodoo Wealth in all forms. This is every Voodoo wealth magic that there has ever been compiled into one magical evil eye bead. It can do whatever kind of wealth you are looking for.

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