The Teraphim

The Teraphim

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I guess this piece will solve a mystery that has been centuries in the making.  This piece was given to me during a vision that I had while I was doing an investigation in a cemetery somewhere in Berks County.  If you don't know Pennsylvania, you won't know that Berks County is the county Next to Lebanon County where I live.  There is this huge abandoned church that sits on a hill just off this one road that I used to take to my best friend's house.  Don't ask me road names, because I honestly couldn't tell you.  When you are from Pennsylvania, you don't really use road names.  You either know where you're going on you don't.  

I felt a connection to the church and I knew I had to go and check it out.  I was going to organize something, but a very impromptu investigation happened when I was driving home n the dark and saw lights on in the church, which I always just assumed was abandoned.  I figured I'd check it out, but when I got there, it was dark and empty.  I got out and started searching around.  There was a small cemetery around the back and I was taking a look at it when I began to feel this tingly energy.   Next thing  I know this giant bright light s beaming in my face with an energy so strong it felt like I was getting hit with a ton of bricks. 

As the energy passed through me I was shown many things, but what stands firmly in my mind is what they call the Teraphim.  They are the oracles of Jacob who were taken from him by his daughter Rachel.  However, this is all that is said about them.  There is no account what the Teraphim are or even what they were used for.  That was never recorded.  What is known is that they were some kind of powerful relic and Oracle and that Rachel wanted them well enough to steal them from her father.  

The powers in this piece recreate the Teraphim.  I woke up with it in my hand after being unconscious for several minutes after experiencing the zap of that light in the cemetery.  I think the powers of this piece were calling out and that's why I was drawn there in the first place.  I haven't been back.  I have no desire.  I have this piece, though.  

This piece duplicates the powers of the Teraphim.  With it you are able to see into the mind of God, to know how he understands and how he sees the universe.  It will allow you to create miracles of God, regardless of what those miracles might be.  Whether these are miracles of wealth, love, beauty, raising the dead in spirit form, conjuring the angels or some other form or miracle.  

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