The Trail to the Artifact of Eternal Eminence | STAR
The Trail to the Artifact of Eternal Eminence | STAR

The Trail to the Artifact of Eternal Eminence | STAR

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We discovered a piece recently, one that will not be offered on the site unless I decide otherwise. It revealed to us a glimpse of what we believed to be the hidden location of an extraordinarily valuable and rare item. The Book of Wars of the Lord.

There were three 'keys' spread out across the world but we only saw the general location of one and that was Oliver Cromwell's skull. His head, the actual location of which very few know for certain but luckily we did know after an investigation we went on a few years back. We discovered that it was half of the first key we saw through the piece we mentioned before. On the back of his skull, etched in the bone, is the an ancient symbol - one you are not likely to find on anything modern, especially if it claims to be real - that essentially means 'eternity' or 'eternal' depending on the context. On the sternum of his rib cage, there is another symbol etched into it, which literally means 'life'. The reason the two were separated from each other is because Cromwell's skull both has a riddle that reveals the location of the next item needed along the 'trail' that eventually leads to what the symbols, together, suggest to be eternal life.

The riddle is written in an old language specific to a secret society called the Sons of Kings. They were notorious for their elaborate rituals and possessing powerful artifacts. The symbols they placed upon the skull and the riddle that goes along with it mentions 'a mock coin that rests with the drifting heart of gold in reach of the Tar Heel'. To break it down for you completely would take time and I am not going to bore you with that. The riddle lead to the Ocracoke Island just off from North Carolina and the only heart of gold to be found there would be Blackbeard’s prized treasure, which he hid there within the year before he was captured and killed.

The coin has a crown on one side and another riddle on the other - 'among the riches of the royal symbol, the trio of which elude each other also elude eternity. Eternity, if as one, can thrive and become the treasure of treasures.'. A symbol of royalty is often a crown, the riches of which are the jewels. In 1216, King John lost his crown jewels, which subsequently ended his reign. The true location of these is not publicly known because most of them are scattered but we know the 'trio' reference the center jewel of the crown along with the two twin jewels on either side.

King John's crown jewels were the final key. Each of the three jewels in the crown had very small carvings of symbols on the inner face of the jewel, which is how and why they were never seen. The jewels could be pieced together to form a small orb through which light can pass. On any surface, you would then be able to clearly see the encryption. From one angle, there would a noticeable riddle. From another angle, the location of the 'door' and from the third and final angle, the exact activation for the piece that would become accessible.

This leads ultimately to the resting place of the Lord's Book of War - the only book known to grant unconditional immortality. It is mentioned vaguely in the Bible but it does not go into specifics of what it contains, at least not as thoroughly enough to do it justice. We have temporarily seen the book but we have ultimately left it where it rests because, when we got there, a light form appeared before us and warned us that the book leaving its resting place is not forbidden but it would cause a chain in events. He would not specify what the events would be but he just told us that the events would change the world completely. So we didn't take it.

He gave us this piece first thing - he was instructed to give it to the first one to find the book since it had been placed where it was. The pages of the book appear blank to any who do not have this piece. The pages are filled with the truth of the start of creation, including Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden and all that came before it. It doesn't only hold the truths of Earth and our creation but all that God has ever created and influenced. It documents everything. It is one of the richest sources of knowledge we have ever come across and the piece we received from the being allowed me, when I wore it, to gather the information in the book instantly and retain it.

Whenever the item is removed, the power it possesses does linger but only for a period of time until the item is placed back on. Upon further testing the piece, we also discovered that knowledge is not the only thing the ring manages. It also manages very old magic - far older than we can even express. We believe that it is one of the oldest forms of power generated by God that he has ever bestowed upon mankind. It grants anything across all realms, including control over creation. In the realm of heaven, you may also look into the eyes of God without being destroyed, you may approach him and you can hear his voice clearly. He will touch you and grant you a gift. We do not know what it is because we declined to accept it in the testing phase. We think that it is a one time gift that he only bestows on one person. That being said, to say this piece is rare simply does not do it justice. It is one of a kind. It was a life altering experience even in the short period of time we have had it.


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