The Traveler From Taured
The Traveler From Taured

The Traveler From Taured

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If you were never one to believe in time travel, allow the mane from Taured to change your mind. The encounter with this man is probably one of the weirdest tales you'll ever hear of in history. On an unspecified summer day in 1954, it was business as usual in Tokyo. Well, it was business as usual for most people. For one casual dressed man who was on his way to his home, things were about to get a bit complicated. The man was asked for his country of origin, upon which he casually mentioned the Country of Taured. There's just one small problem. Taured does not exist and has never existed. Despite the fact that the man had a passport with proper stamps to verify his account of having visited Tokyo three times that year for business. When given a map, the man pointed to a spot on the map between France and Spain where a tiny country known as Andorra exists. He became irate when officials suggested Taured was not a country, nor has it ever ben. They eventually detained the man, putting him up in a hotel room for the night that was heavily guarded by customs officers.

The following day, the man from Taured had vanished from his heavily guarded hotel room without so much as a stirring from the guards. Meanwhile, all of his documents, including his passports had mysteriously vanished from their secret holding spot inside of a customs office. Officials were scratching their heads because it was if the whole encounter ever happened. There as no man from Taured, no passport that stated that Taured was a country. No nothing. or years, rumors of possibilities and exactly who the man began to circulate. The most common was that the guy was a spy who worked for enemy governments. Others included that the man as a ghost. However, the real explanation for the passing of events will blow your mind. That is because he is not somebody from the present at all. He is an operative, but not the kind that you would typically see in a spy vs spy type of cartoon.  He went back in time to change the outcome of his situation in Tokyo, destroy the evidence, and get back home once he realized what had happened, which was an error in a time-traveling technology that he was using. 

We only know we have since made contact with him. Well, to be fair, he contacted us first. It was via an email that also vanished after we read it. The email didn't offer much in the way of a description as to what was going down, just a place for us to meet up with him. It was kind of a rush, to be honest. We had no idea of what was about to go down. We received only instructions on where to meet the man along with the world Taured.

When we finally met him, he offered us little explanation, only that he was from the years 3043 and that he worked for the Ministry of Intergalactic Magic. In exchange for our meet up, he offered us several pieces in exchange for one piece that he desired. This piece was to be kept confidential but told us that we could do what we wanted with the pieces that he presented to us. I just want to be clear, we are only offering one of these pieces at the moment. It is not a time travel piece, as you would suspect. It was this piece that is shown. I cannot accurately tell you where this piece comes from. What I can tell you is that holds the powers of what is called the Archimedes Star System. This is a star system that existed outside of our own solar system but is directly connected to the Cosmic Center of the Universe. Apparently, this Star System is a fully functioning intergalactic charging station in future times. When using this piece, it syncs your knowledge to the knowledge of the Archimedes Star System, effectively bridging the gap between you and the Cosmic Center of the Universe. The result is that your mind will be totally transformed and given a cosmic awakening. This means that you will be given the ability to see knowledge and existence as if you had a cosmic eye. You can use this knowledge to create your own powers. You will be able to also use this knowledge and the newfound knowledge you have in order to create your own pieces. It's a pretty incredible knowledge. As far as the guy from Taured, we have never spoken to him again, nor has anyone else that we know of. There is still no account of his existence other than those who remember. Other than that, he has effectively slipped into the annals of time as somebody who might be remembered, but who was never proven. It is one of the biggest mysteries to this. But hey, this piece is super powerful, so we're not complaining.

The ring you are getting is sterling and real gemstones.  Each one represents the past, the present, and the future.  It also signifies the connection between you, the Archimedes Star System, and the Cosmic Center of the Universe.  

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