The Traveler's Time piece

The Traveler's Time piece

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There exists a group of entities that live outside of mortal possibilities. When they are on Earth they appear as a human form, but they are anything but human. In fact, they are ancient, formless beings that have come from a plane of existence in deep space. You can think of them as extraterrestrial beings, but they aren't really extraterrestrial beings either. They don't live in the same timeframe that we live in, because time is not something that has control over them. They are immortal and times is simply a human construct. Try to think of a world without time or a measure of how long it takes for something to begin and end, you would probably drive yourself mad trying to wrap your head around it.

Nonetheless, time does not exist in space. In fact, it doesn't exist at all. So, when I say these entities travel through time, I guess that doesn't really apply to them. They simply show up when and where they want to. Most of the time it is for a purpose, but sometimes they are just traveling. That is is why we call these entities the travelers. They are free-form energies and when they are in their true form, they appear kind of like gelatinous, amoeba looking entities. However, as I have stated before they have the ability to take any form they want. They blend in well with any society they show up in-- not just ours, but also the societies of extraterrestrials and other celestial societies. All they need is the touch of a mortal hand to be able to know our entire history as a kind. They do this by doing what is called a brain scan. This not only connects them to the individual human brain but the cosmic brain where the entire story of humankind is stored. Thus, they fit into society beautifully, like the perfect chameleons.

Why they have decided to stay on Earth for so long I have no idea. They have been here for several hundred years. I suppose they fancy our planet. Either that are they are watching out for us. I'm not really sure which it is. What I can tell you is that we have made a solid connection to one of the travelers who has decided to take the form of a human woman. She goes by the name Chloe.  From Chloe, we have obtained information that the Travelers do not seem to shy about answering. They have been swaying the outcome of human events, political institutions, and even the world monetary system since around the 15 or 1600s. They can't seem to remember how long they've been here exactly, but the fact that they were able to tell us exactly what events they lived through, coupled with the fact that they all speak British tells us that they've been here for a long time. Remember, they have no concept of time because it doesn't exist to them.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is this piece that was offered to us by Chloe, who is the leader of the Travelers on Earth. I'm surprised that she so willingly gave this piece to us. All we had to do was ask, but she mentioned something about enlightenment being part of their divine purpose, so I suppose this is why she gave us this piece. The powers in this piece are nothing short of incredible. For starters, this piece gives extreme protection. You will never have to worry about using this piece because the Travelers are very adamant about preserving white light order in the universe. They loathe anything negative or dark, so they will cast it away at once should evil or darkness ever even consider attempting to enter your life, it will be the last time anyone knew about it because they will go to the source of the energy and destroy it. It is incredible.

Next, you will e able to use this piece for times travel, but not just time travel. This piece lets you lit outside of the bounds of time. Time will not be a construct when you use this piece and you will be able to visit any place in time simply by thinking about it in your mind. The Travelers have used this piece to visit place on Earth such as the ancient pyramids as they were being built, ancient Atlantis, ancient Mayan civilizations, the Nazca Lines, the Bucegi Sphinks as it was being built, and also the Crystal Pyramids.

The best part about this piece is that as you use it travel your ability to hone in on where you want to travel will begin to grow. You will become stronger and stronger with each use and the powers that you encounter in your travel will be able to be kept in your piece. The best part about this piece is that you don't have to use it to travel to places you already know about. I know that I said you will use this piece by visiting thoughtforms that you bring to life, but with this piece, you gain a connection to the minds of the rest of the travels. It's like a pack mentality. They will be able to see every thought you have ever had, but you will also be able to see theirs. If there is a place that they have been that you have never heard of, somewhere in a faraway place and/or time (again, I use the world time as a human term), you will be able to visit it, gain the powers that you need, and then return to your human existence. It's quite incredible. Working with this piece was exciting and exhilarating. I have visited many places that I didn't even know exist, as well as many places that I knew did. You will be able to do the same.

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