The Twelve that Stand Before God
The Twelve that Stand Before God

The Twelve that Stand Before God

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This previous year has proven fruitful for the discovery of religious artifacts. A simple internet search will provide a number of items that have been discovered this year. However, this description will focus on one in particular. In March 2021, a group of archaeologists excavating the Cave of Horror in Israel came across a missing fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This much is documented. It is believed to be a piece of what is known as the Book of the 12 Minor Prophets.  


What has not been reported, but has been revealed to us by a connection we have in Israel, is that the Israel Antiquities Department also recovered a sizable stone from the Cave of Horrors. On the Stone were twelve inscriptions, written in Greek. The inscriptions are the names of 12 angels who have been called the "12 That Stand Before the Lord." As the Isreali government are no stranger to very powerful artifacts turning up in their land, they were not completely shocked. Their government is secretly run by a group of Kabbalists anyway. If anything the magic was a familiarity to them. It has also been commented that this piece is particularly powerful.  


When testing the powers in the stone, it has been concluded that each of the inscriptions has been carved with special white light alchemy. When the stone is held in the hands of a sentient being and the names are uttered from that being's mouth, the angel that has been called appears in full angelic form. Each offers the power and knowledge that has been given to them by the hand of God. These are the Twelve Angels that stand before the throne of God. Naturally, their abilities are especially powerful.  


We are not offering the stone, obviously. The Israel Department of Antiquities has that. What we are offering is an item that our connection in Israel was able to make. The item duplicates the magic of the stone and gives whoever wears it the same abilities that can be found within the stone. This means you will gain the presence of 12 of the most powerful archangels that God has created! The list oar archangels is below.  



Metatron: Grants the presence of God. Grants ascension and the manifestation of white light magical abilities.



Raziel: Gives you the knowledge of the original Hebrew alphabet and how to use their powers, knowledge to create your own magic and get what you want out of life.



Cassiel: Known as the angel of tears. Comforts in times of trouble. He is also very strong and controls other entities. Will allow you to subdue other entities to gain their powers. Will allow you to defeat your enemies.



Zadkiel: Known as the angel of Freedom. Cracks open the third eye in order to bring forth an abundance of white light psychic ability and manifestation.



Camael: Brings courage and self-confidence. Allows you to overcome the obstacles that life presents. Will allow you to become successful in all of your endeavors, no matter what they are.  



Michael: He is a warrior angel and the commander of God's divine army. He will keep you safe from all other entities, no matter what type they are. He gives you the authority to banish demons, evil, and all who oppose God.  



Uriel: Guardian of the Gate of Eden. Will allow you to enter the Kingdom of Eden, which is where the Garden of Eden exists. There is a myriad of power and magic in this primordial kingdom that you will be able to acquire easily. God still walks the Kingdom of Eden in his human manifestation.



Raphael: Carries the emerald flame and brings those who seek his great abundance. This is not simply an abundance of wealth, but abundance in all things, wherever you need it. He also grants love and meaningful relationships with partners and people in general.



Gabriel: Known as the Messenger angel. He will bring you divine messages from God. These messages include messages of the End Times but also glimpses into the future of what life will be like in the New Jerusalem. Also brings warnings of danger from God.  


Sandalphon: Connects humanity to the spiritual. Will allow you to communicate with divine entities. WIll allow you to communicate with the spirit realm. Also bridges the gap between humanity and the Holy Ghost. Brings the presence of the Holy Ghost and the Holy Flame, to create miracles that you are seeking.


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