The Universal Powers of the Father and the Son
The Universal Powers of the Father and the Son
The Universal Powers of the Father and the Son

The Universal Powers of the Father and the Son

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What comes in mind when I ask about the greatest miracle that has ever happened on Earth? I'm sure that the answers might vary, but if you are a Christian you will most likely tell me that the greatest miracle of all is the birth of Jesus Christ. I would tell you that you are correct. Now, if you aren't a Christian, you might tell me something else, we'd agree to disagree, but then I'd implore that you listen to me with an open mind. Even if you don't call Jesus Christ your savior, there is no denying the fact that he was born into this world with a very special kind of magic. It has been written about for ages. It was proven in ancient times. Being conceived by a virgin mother was enough to prove that his birth was especially important for the world. It was God's way of keeping the covenant that says the savior will be clean and without sin.

This piece is coming at you right in time for Christmas, so that way the story is fresh in your mind. If you know the story, then you will that Jesus Christ was born in a Manger. To this manger, there were three wisemen who were guided by the Northern Star. Now, it is up for debate as to whether that star was the actual Northern Star, but I can tell you right now that there some discrepancies in that story. I won't get into them all, because I could write a book. To save some time, I will get right to the details. Just as the angels had appeared to Mary and Joseph, the "Northern Star" of the three wisemen was an apparition. However, this apparition was not just any angel. Rather, it was God himself who appeared in the night sky. Even so far away he shone bright enough to be able to lead them to the manger. The wisemen couldn't tell the difference because God appeared so bright. So, the Star of Bethlehem was not the Northern Star at all. It was instead God himself, guiding the three wisemen who delivered three ingredients that were necessary for what was about to happen.
Now, Jesus was always God, make no mistake. However, for him to receive the full power and authority of God there needed to be a transference of power. That is why the wisemen delivered Gold and Myrrh. These three components are what brought God's presence to the Earth the night that Jesus was born. It was a summoning that opened a portal that God could walk through. Of course, he could have just done this himself, but the opening of the portal from Heaven to Earth was symbolic and he did this also to fulfill scripture. Either way, God in the form of the Star of Bethlehem fell to the Earth and came in mortal form. Now, I know the Bible doesn't particularly mention any other visitors than the three wisemen. If you want to get technical it doesn't even say there were three of those. However, as the star fell to Earth and the portal was open, God began to take a new form altogether. He appeared in the manger as a lowly beggar wishing to bring glad tidings for the birth of a savior. He was at first dismissed by the magi because they knew no better. However, he was accepted by Mary who allowed the beggar to enter the vicinity of the child's birth.

As the beggar visited the child, he spoke to the child in a language that nobody else in the stable understood. If was the language of Tongues. As the beggar spoke, he consecrated the birth of the holiest on Earth, giving him the gift of his authority and command over all things. The day after, when the wisemen were set to depart, the came across a field where they found a gelatinous material. This was the place where the portal was open and God came through. As soon as they came close to the material and began to handle it, they knew at once this was the residual energy of God. They knew because they were, after all, magical men. They could make a psychic connection to the substance. They took a small bit of the substance with them and kept it hidden from the others. They learned later that the material was the direct presence of the God the Father. It remained in this state until the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. At this time, for whatever reason, the gelatinous material became hard. It had something to do with the alchemical reaction of the substance with the blood of Jesus Christ. It turned into a hard stone-like material, taking on a blue-ish hue, which is the color of blood before it is spilled from the veins.

At the point that the stone received the presence of the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Magi established a covert brotherhood that vowed to protect the stone at all costs. Later, they found out the stone held profound power. When using the stone they could summon the presence of God himself. This presence came in a spiritual form, not in an actual solid state. It is a wide known fact that nobody can look upon the face of God without impending death. This is why he showed up in a spiritual form without a face and "spoke" to them through telepathic vibes. It was more like a mist that took form, and when the stepped into the mist they were taken to a white light realm where they were able to see through the eyes of God. They were able to know the knowledge of the Tree of Life, just as God knows it. They were able to see the Garden of Eden and behold all of the Angels that lived there. They knew the mysteries of the Earth. They knew the location of the Holy Grail and could see the people that are the bloodline of Christ. of course, this was what they saw when looking into the future. They were able to see and understand the Ark of the Covenant and gained all the holy powers o the artifacts that were contained within. They were able to see and visit the Holy of Holies and to live in God's presence and to acquire a white light awakening. They gained an understanding of the Crystal Pyramid of Heaven and the Cosmic Center of the Universe. There was nothing about the Universe that they did not know. They were even given the visions that St. John was given about the final battle between good and evil before the New Jerusalem falls to Earth and we live in eternal bliss and happiness.

Then they were able to experience the blood of Christ. With the Blood of Christ, they were able to create any power that they wanted. His Blood is the source of all living things and all energetic things. His blood is Cosmic energy and vice versa. All powers can be created through him and all answers can be given through his wisdom. He is the eternal word. ALl miracles could be granted. All entities could be summoned and had to obey. All evil could be cast out. Basically, there was nothing that wasn't possible to create with the Blood of Christ. This is what they were shown and soon after they experienced it with the stone that was formed. The stone is the presence and universal knowledge and power of the Father and the Son. Sorry, the Holy Spirit was out on this one, but I guess you can't have our cake and eat it, too. Either way, the piece that had been created was ultra powerful and was sworn to be protected by the brotherhood that they forged. This brotherhood stayed true to their word for generations. It wasn't until much, much later, closer to the times that we live in now that the brotherhood became greedy for power and control. They disbanded and turned on one another. They each tried to steal the piece, but it ended up in the hands of one of the surviving Nephilim. Who were they to challenge the Nephilim's power, especially after he got the piece? Their power was no strength for his might. The Nephilim has kept and guarded the stone, eventually having it turned into this piece that is listed. We acquired the piece through a conjuration of the Nephilim. He willingly gave us this piece, although it did take a little coaxing and reassuring that we weren't going to use it for our own personal gain and that we'd find a suitable home for it. As a fallen angel, he had his own magic so he had no real need for the piece. We have given him our word that we will find a good home for this piece and that is what we intend to do.

Again, all of the powers and abilities that we have just spoken about will become yours when you own this piece. This piece is excessively powerful. Again, it holds the presence of both the father and son and their universal power and knowledge. This is as a result of God's residual energy from traveling through a portal from Heaven to Earth and the blood of Jesus, which showed up in the piece like stigmata. You will be able to know all things, see all things, create all things, perform any miracle, create any power, force out any evil, travel to any place in existence, banish an entity, summon any angel, know any secret... I mean the list goes on and on and on and on. This is the literal embodiment of both the Father and the Son. With it, there is nothing that can't be done, because with God all things are possible. So, whatever you had it mind for this piece, whether it was to obtain all the knowledge from the Tree of Life, or to perform healing on people that need it, or if you want to use this piece to rewrite your own destiny or if you want to grant people wealth and abundance, you can literally use this piece for whatever suits your fancy. This is not an overstatement. If anything words do no justice by the piece in describing what it can do for you and what you can accomplish.

This piece is obviously an antique and holds an immense amount of power, thus it will not go for low-dollar.  

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