The Vampire Child
The Vampire Child
The Vampire Child
The Vampire Child
The Vampire Child
The Vampire Child

The Vampire Child

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I was born for the second time in Russia. I was created by a fringe group of anarchists that wanted to use my power to overthrow the government. Don't ask me why they wanted to do it. Honestly, I don't even think that they knew why they wanted to do it. It's not like they wanted to rule the country. They were just sick and tired of being told what to do I think, which was a bit far-fetched because they weren't much older than 15 or 16. They were only children themselves. Whatever, I'm not here to tell you about them. I'm here to tell you my story. I was born using a secret text that was written by Rasputin during his time in power. Everyone knows that he was a powerful sorcerer. What most people do not know is that he also had the ancient knowledge necessary to control the life force. Among this ability was the ability to create creatures whose life force is completely cut off, but whose bodies stay animated. These creatures, as you already know, are called sanguine vampires.

While in physical vessels, these creatures crave human blood, simply because it holds the same knowledge as the energies emitted from the solar system, except in concentrated amounts. I don't know what this group of anarchists was thinking about creating a child vampire, such as myself. It goes against the grains or morality, but there I was at the age of nine. I was whisked away from my home with my parents. We lived meager lives, but I still loved them and very much wanted to be with them. However, fate had other plans for me. I don't know why they were surprised, but as soon as I was turned I immediately went on a rampage. Filled with bloodlust, I killed about half of the people that assisted in my turning. They thought they'd be able to have it under control, but they underestimated the power and strength of a newborn vampire, especially one that already had the energy of a nine-year old. The half that I didn't manage to drain of their blood ran away from me. Again, they were ill-prepared and had no clue that I'd be as powerful as I was.

Immediately after I was done feasting on the group that had turned me, I made my way home to my parents. This new bloodlust that I lived with was something that I didn't understand. Not only did it satisfy my hunger, but it made me feel more energized and I suddenly knew things that no nine-year-old had ever known before. It was invigorating. For instance, did you know that there were an ancient species of vampire that lived during the Mayan civilization called the Camazots? It is a misunderstanding the name Camazotz is meant to mean one bat deity. It's more of a race of supernatural beings, such as myself. They all have bloodlust. Did you know that there is a group of Japanese vampires that exist to this day that perform a ritual before they drink their blood because they believe it is unclean to drink it from the human body? Bet you didn't know that one.

Anyway, after drinking the blood I felt connected to this network of power and knowledge. It allowed me to know things that I never knew before and as I began to get hungry this knowledge diminished and it set me into a downward frenzy. The first time this happened I didn't know how to control my urges. I felt sick and hungry. My knowledge went away and I began to feel drowsy. I lashed out and my parents didn't know how to deal with it. Then again, the couldn't have known because I didn't tell them. This is when the accident happened. It's funny because while bloodlust is a real thing, you never mean to hurt the people you love. However, sometimes it just happens. At that point, I had nothing under control. I was like a drug addict who needed his next hit. My parents were the only living humans around and in a rage, I accidentally killed them by drinking the blood straight from their neck.

Now, you wouldn't know this because you are not a sanguine, but every time a vampire drinks the blood of its victim it is a very intimate moment. When you drink the blood of another creature that creature becomes part of you. When you are a vampire you see the entire life of that individual. From the time of birth, you see their life. You feel everything that they have felt. You see all that they have ever seen. You gain their knowledge. They just become part of you. This is how vampires grow in magic, power, and stamina. The more victims you take the more powerful you become. One time in Milan there was a convention of very powerful Freemasons. I raided the entire convention and drank the blood of all 26 Masons in attendance. Their knowledge was very loud and their blood was enough to keep me filled for weeks as I digest their knowledge and their energies.

Another time, I traveled to Egypt and hunted down a Jewess that held the bloodline of the ancient Pharaohs. She was tasty and the knowledge that she gave me was unparalleled. Of course, I did none of this alone and if I hadn't strayed so far from my story, you'd understand this. Not long after my meltdown during which I killed my parents, I began simply picking off random people, drinking their blood and leaving their carcasses for whoever came to find them. It was at this point that I met Ruslan. He had actually been tracking me because I had unknowingly entered his territory. It seems that as oxymoronic as it might sound that vampires have an intricate code that they live by. I mean, some of them go rogue and just don't care. However, at this point, I had no idea about any of this. Ruslan was turned hundreds of years before I was, so he kind of took me under his wing to show me the ropes.

Ruslan and I traveled all over the world. we saw the Pyramids in Egypt. The hidden temples of Solomon. He introduced me to Australia. The people there were especially tasty and I'll tell you that few people hold as ancient of a bloodline as the aboriginals in Australia. They were born with magic in their blood and if they weren't so oppressed I'd daresay that they would be the ones ruling the world. However, they are mostly content living in their old customs with their magic that has been passed down. South America and the star temples were extremely enlightening. Having a shaman as a meal proved very difficult because they are not foolish and they know who we are and what we come from. There is a word that the people of the ancient bloodline in South America use to refer to vampires. I can't remember exactly what the etymology was, but Ruslan told me that they called us Dead Walkers.

It was this point that I realized when I was turned into a vampire years ago that my soul was forfeited. I still have a spiritual presence. This is how I have managed to be captured in this piece. However, there's no soul. I have no afterlife. I could take another physical form if I wanted to. I just have no desire. Either way, Ruslan stayed with me for a good hundred years. The legend of the boy vampire-- that's me-- traveled near and far. Many vampire hunters came looking for me. Some wanted me dead and others wanted to steal my powers from me. However, Ruslan never allowed anything bad to happen to me. For a hundred years I thought this was because he was my friend and was looking after me. As it turns out, this had nothing do with it. He was simply growing my presence and my power so that when he was done with me he could get a decent price.

Did you know that vampires have one weakness? It isn't garlic. It's not even sunlight, although vampires are inherently children of the night. A vampire's weakness is his own blood. A vampire identifies by his blood. Other vampires can smell them and tell how powerful they have become simply because of the blood that runs through their veins. In the mere 100 years that I had been born, I had managed to become more powerful than 90% of the vampires on Earth. Not the most powerful, but that isn't too shabby if I may toot my own horn. Although I remained in the 9-year-old-sized body, I had grown in my existence and knowledge. I really became comfortable in my own skin. I never grew more powerful than Ruslan, but of course, he is the great trickster isn't he. It was after the hundred years that Ruslan grew ill. This mysterious illness, I found out later, wasn't real. It was a ploy to get me to feel bad for him so he could steal my blood. Once you own a vampire's blood, you pretty much own the rights to their existence. Ruslan had me believe that the illness he had contracted could only be cured if he drank another vampire's blood.

I was more than eager to offer mine. He was my companion. He is the one who taught me. I needed to help my friend. I gave him my blood in a vial and as soon as he had it is when I realized what was really going on. He ordered me into a double-barred and double-locked caged. I tried to resist, but my body wouldn't. At that moment, I felt as though I was nine once more, being kidnapped by Russian Anarchists who wanted to turn me into a vampire. I know that it is hard to believe that vampires have feelings, but we do. I felt alone and despaired. He tried saying something to me, but I heard nothing. I was deprived of any type of blood for about 7 days. At this point, I was extremely weak. There comes a point in a vampire's existence that if they don't drink blood they begin to dry out like a sponge. Depending on the blood they are drinking this could be two weeks or two months. However, this time around I began to dry out after about seven days.

My new home would be with the British Royals. I'm not sure where their confine was, but I know that it was definitely under the ground. I was kept in my cage, not even allowed to leave. My blood that was in the vial had been used to create a ring. This ring is the controller that forced me to obey what the royals asked of me. They gave me my first drink of blood that came from one of their wealth-empowering rituals. I drank blood and gained the ability to create wealth. Moreover, it brought me back to peak and I attempted to break free of the cage, but it was no use. The Royals watched me and laughed and laughed like I was some kind of zoo exhibit.

However, the humor didn't last for long. I asked them what they wanted with me and they informed me that they have a deal with Ruslan. Ruslan gets all the free blood that he wants and in return, he provides the royals with fresh vampires every so often. That's what he was training me for. I guess I was their new "freshy" as they like to refer to their new vampire toys. It was my duty to create pieces of magic and power for the royals. This is why Ruslan had traveled the world with me, making sure I had my fill of blood from varying sources. He wanted to empower me as much as he could before he got rid of me. The family was quite impressed with my abilities. I even heard the Queen refer to me as the "finest vampiric specimen" that Ruslan had ever presented her with. Just so we are being clear, this was the Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor herself. I'm not so sure why she had so many names, but she is the current reigning monarch of England, but I'm sure you already know that. Who doesn't know the queen England? She practically rules the whole world. Not to mention she and the Royal family have a heavy hand in all things occult and the knowledge thereof.

Anyway, the royals have kept me around for a while. I've made them some of the most powerful magical items that they have ever seen. I mean, my knowledge is a great expanse. I have even managed to pick up knowledge of Atlantis and also the ability to grant wishes like a djinn. There's so much knowledge that I have that I honestly forget. Then, I have my natural-born sanguine abilities. The fact is, I've made pieces for them with all sorts of power and knowledge. Eventually, I supposed they tired of me and refused to feed me the blood necessary for my survival. My body dried up like a prune. Eventually, my bones were used to create fetish pieces, none of which have any staying power. This relic is different. Actually, this relic is two pieces.

The first one is the ring that was created with my blood in order to keep me at bay. I'm in spirit form now, so it doesn't work the same way. It now has the ability to summon me. When it is used I come forth and I answer people and I help them by giving them whatever power they ask for or need. I can also grant their wishes, as this is a power that I extracted from djinn conjurer whose blood I drank. There isn't much that I can't do. Not to brag, but I literally spent 100 years traveling the world for the sake of acquiring powers and magic. I am an open book and I am willing to share what I know with the person who conjures me using this piece. As I said, the ring holds my blood. The tooth is mine from after the Royals got sick of me and dried me out. My teeth fell out, but these are mine. They are the ones I used t drain people of their blood.

With this piece, you will be able to conjure me and I will make myself available to you. I am in spirit form, so there's no way that I can ever harm you. I don't want to and I wouldn't need to anyway. Once vampires are in spirit form their need for blood is gone. You will, however, need to wear this piece for a period of time between 14 and 21 days. This will give me enough time to become familiar with your energies and allow me to make a connection. After this, all you will have to do is wear the ring. Again, the ring was made with my own blood. This ring is sterling because sterling amplifies my powers and abilities. You will also need to have my tooth in your pocket. This solidifies the bond between us and allows me to grant you the powers that you ask for. There is one of two ways that you can request these powers. You can either think of them in your mind or say them out loud, whichever feels more appropriate for you to do. It doesn't matter. Either way, I will be able to hear you and I will grant you what you have asked for. You can ask for nearly anything because if I don't already know it, I will search the sanguine realms for that ability.

Remember, I told you that I was connected to other vampires and a network of knowledge. I can search through this sanguine network to locate the power or magic you are asking for. That is if I don't already have it or know it. I know pretty much, so there really isn't much that I can't grant for you on my own. Having said all that, after I do grant power or magic for you, I would appreciate it if you would burn a stick of incense. It reinvigorates the connection that I have with you and will allow me to be able to grant your powers and magic more effectively. It will also recharge the ring and the tooth relic. I've been searching for the right person to make a connection with for a long time and I trust that Deedee and Steve will find me the right person. So, if you are reading this, waste no time. I want to get to work!


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