The Vampire Masquerade and the Chalice, youtube video
The Vampire Masquerade and the Chalice, youtube video

The Vampire Masquerade and the Chalice, youtube video

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For just one night, people are able to forget that their lives are meaningless to other people.  Things will become better for one one of them.  For the rest,  I guess their theory is right.  Their lives are meaningless, at least to the powers the prey.  Once you have accepted your invite, there is no escaping the Masquerade.  
This game has been going on for decades now.  I guess the value of humanity has been put into the hands of the royals and the elite that rule the globe.  I certainly wouldn't imply that the influence of this group is nearly as strong as the Illuminati, but their magic is definitely equally as powerful.  It's just different and entails different things, to begin with the blood alchemy of Elizabeth Bathory.  The powers of this alchemy has been passed down along the bloodlines of the royals, who currently use it to host one of the most lucrative events of the year, called the Masquerade.  You would have never heard about it.  The media doesn't know about.  People outside of they Royal's inner circle don't know about it.  It is one of the best kept secrets of all times.  
Once a year, the royals take to the streets, collecting individuals that they think society would be better off without.  This isn't just a thing in Britain.  They collect people from all over the world, offering them an exclusive meet and greet with the royal family and celebrities.  They are told they have the ability to win a once in a lifetime makeover, told that all traveling expenses and lodging will be paid for, and that meals will be all inclusive.  Most people agree, there are some that don't.  Like I said, once you accept your invitation, there is no turning back.  
These people that are selected by the royals are taken to a remote place, so remote that even the royal and celebrities that attend the Masquerade don't even know where it is.  They are blindfolded and taken by plane to where they need to go.  It's part of the whole shindig.  Either you agree to it, or you don't go.  And don't ever thing about dispelling information about the soiree, because you will find yourself dead.  The royals have pull in places you'd never imagine. 
Once the "participants" are rounded up, they are taken to the place that the grand soiree will take place.  They are dressed up in masquerade ball outfits.  This is when the fun begins.  The people attending are pitted against each other in games of survival, until one by one they are knocked off.  Each time blood is shed, a new power is created and the people that are present at the masquerade get to bid on the power.  It's just another way for the royals to stay rich a powerful, but also for the celebrities to think they are in control.  It is an overall puppet show by the hands of the royals.  
This piece is one that was specifically made to hold a duplicate power of each of the powers that were created at the masquerade this past year.  The list of powers that this piece holds is incredibly long.  You will discover them when using the piece.  To activate the piece, you will place a drop of your own blood on the chalice that it is the center of this ring, mix it with water, and then ingest the powers.  The powers will come to you FULL FORCE, unlike anything you've ever experienced.  
The winner of the Masquerade receives a full sanguine transformation.  He is the only lucky one of the whole bunch.  As for the Masquerade, it will continue.  Year after year.  It is done as a way to make money off of rich people and a way to preserve the magic that has been passed down by Bathory to the royals.    Don't forget, they'll be out looking for people.  You're cordially invited.  Or you could just get this piece and avoid all the hassle.
Sterlig silver and other material.
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