The Vampiric Lady of Auxerre

The Vampiric Lady of Auxerre

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The lady of Auxerre has been celebrated by scientists and artists alike, having been praised as being an excellent example of ancient Cretan artwork. The provenance of the statue nor its journey to the Louvre has been documented. In fact, the statue would still be in hiding if it weren't for an early 20th Century discovery of the statuette by a hired curator. Maybe you should be careful what you wish for. Maybe there is a reason the statue has been hidden.

The truth is the Lady of Auxerre might appear as astoundingly beautiful. It' because she is an ancient vampiress, a seductress on top of her game. Nobody knows for sure how old she is, not even us. We just know that she was turned to stone so that way she could not drink the blood of the locals anymore.

In circles of ancient magic, the Lady of Auxerre has been known to entice people using her abilities of mind control and manipulation as well as hypnosis. She is a known seductress leading men and women alike to their death. She feasted on their blood, using alchemy to turn it into the powers that she wanted most. Immortality was one of these. Beauty was another. The ability to travel among the astral realms to become invisible at will were powers she created.

This piece has sucked the powers right out of her statue. We have made sure of that. When using this piece, you must place a drop of your blood or saliva on the back of it. This will create an energetic bond between you and this piece that will give you the powers of the Lady of Auxerre. You will gain her full powers, including some of those listed above and others that have yet to be told. This piece does not grant immortality. It will create agelessness physically and mentally, but immortality is not granted.

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