The Virgin's Rose

The Virgin's Rose

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It’s funny the things that you will find when you are simply driving along, minding your own business.  This happens to us all the time. It’s like we are magnetically drawn to these types of place. This was the case with the church in the woods that we found in Schuylkill County.   For the record, that is pronounced SKOO-kill and it is affectionately referred to by locals as “the Skook”. Listen, I don’t come up with these things.

Anyhow, I have been all over the Skook, because a lot of friends live there.  It is very mountainous with a lot of windy roads, but to those of us who know the place, it’s pretty navigable.  I don’t know how I would have missed it in my days of running around the hills. Either way, I guess somehow I managed to miss it and we found it one time when we were traveling back from New York.  It like it was just sitting there, calling our name, waiting for us.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, because nothing super unbelievable happened. We simply found this piece inside of a cedar chest that was at the church.  We were led to the box by sheer psychic intuition, no spirits or anything else popped out at us. However, when testing the piece, we were amazed at what we found.

This piece is somewhat a mystery even to us and I don’t mean the way by which we found it.  I mean, the powers are a mystery. We have tested this piece and tested it, but we are not able to find out the source of the original magic.  We know what it does, but we don’t know who put the magic there or how they managed to get it. I guess those things aren’t as important as knowing the powers that it holds.  

The powers in this piece hold a direct connection to the Virgin Mary.  When using it, the piece allows you to invoke your own Marian Apparitions.  You will use this piece will a mirror of some sort, whether that is a vanity mirror, a bathroom mirror, or a looking glass.  When wearing the piece and looking in a mirror, you will call out to the Virgin Mary in your own words. There isn’t anything special that you have to say, just call out to her and ask her for her presence.  She will show herself to you in the mirror and then you can ask her to grant you a miracle-- any miracle that you want!! It doesn’t matter what the miracle is, this piece will grant it for you. The only rules are that you can only use the magic in this piece once per 24 hours and you can only ask for one miracle at a time.  Other than that, there are no limits on the kind of type of miracle that this piece will do for you, so long as it is white light and not evil.

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