The Visionary, The Masked One | STAR
The Visionary, The Masked One | STAR

The Visionary, The Masked One | STAR

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The spirit within this piece is truly unique and with it you can freely summon the likes of any spirit both supernatural or paranormal with the exception of God or Lucifer, including the one we are calling the Masked One who resides inside of the piece itself. Its creation was accidental... at least we believe so because of the nature of it. Though it is extremely powerful, it is a bit much for what humans are typically safe to be exposed to. Additionally, it is very rare for occultist, witches, wizards or any supernatural creature for that matter to be able to successfully create something like this. That being said, we do not know where this piece's creation took place or if it was even at the hands of any of those.

We crossed this item while time walking within the Roman Empire in 5 AD. We were actually on a completely different path, more so looking into information in regards to what could very well be the oldest underground society of all time. We did find information out about that but I won't get too much into that. I want to focus on this find.

Shortly after discovering the underground society, we came across this piece as well. It was showcased, kind of like a wealth relic. It belonged to Augustus, at least during that time. We do not believe he created it but it was again preserved on display so we aren't sure. We just know it was valuable and he must have treasured it. When you approached it, even while time walking, you could see the faint image of an entity appearing to be perched over it. Most of its form was dark and clouded but its face was angular and pale white with narrow beams of light for eyes. It was creepy, I'm not going to lie. It's aura was also very powerful and I could feel it very prominently even though I was projecting from a couple thousand years into the future. I didn't plan on messing with it.

"Release me..." He said when I attempted to leave. "Creature of another time, release me."

Regardless, I could not. I was projected and I could not simply pull the item from 5 AD into 2015-at-the-time. It would risk an entire collapse in the stream of time and perhaps even cause a cataclysmic reaction depending on just how many paths in time were affected by it. So I ignored the entity and returned back to 2015. I, of course documented what I had seen. I remember even thinking about it quite often for the following week after that. However, I moved on to the next thing in due time. A few months later, I started dreaming about it. The entity would visit me. He would never say anything to me but he would watch me from a distance. It didn't matter what the dream was about, he would appear and I would become aware of him very suddenly. He would never harm me, he would simply watch me. It happened every single dream beyond the first one and every time I saw him, I became aware that his mask appeared to be cracking. To this day, I'm not sure why.

Fast forward, late 2016 - mid October, actually - exactly one year later from me discovering the entity in 5 AD, I had another dream. This time, I approached him while the entity spoke to me. As he spoke to me, his mask also shifted in appearance. The cracks were gone but the form of the mask itself had changed into something very reminiscent to a plague doctor. The small light in his eyes were also now blue instead of white. He said to me the same as the year before:

"Release me... Creature of another time, release me." This time, I did. I pulled the piece from its place. The entity disappeared and the dream faded out of sight. I found it in my possession the very next morning... and it is of a nature of power that I truly have never encountered before myself.

Before anything, I want to emphasize again that you are simply not able to summon, call upon or order the appearance of God or Lucifer because they are not affected and even so, you should never try - it is dangerous and not likely to have either greeting you warmly. Just don't do it. However, with this piece you can otherwise freely summon the likes of any spirit both supernatural or paranormal - including the Masked One who resides inside of the piece itself. This includes any djinn, provided that they are not already bound to a master. You can summon any angel among the ranks of angels, including the Twin Seraphs of Harmony, from which you can ask for longevity and prosperity respectively. You can summon a lesser mischief entity, from whom you can carry out your revenge or perhaps chores that are perhaps not the most innocent.

Also, of course, you can summon the Masked One as well. He will appear before you as a complete dual entity, which is why you can choose to carry out revenge and or generate magic of a darker nature. Through the Masked One, you can ask for any of the magic, spells or power that he generates from his legion of supernatural spirits and entities. Upon the first release of the Masked One, you will become aligned with him psychically and become completely aware of his capabilities, both ones that directly could affect you and ones designed to affect the likes of others - human, supernatural, paranormal, etc.

Some of the powers we have gained through him were extreme psychokinesis; we were able to manipulate and often move objects with our mind. We experienced an acute sense of extrasensory perception, with which we were never wrong. We were able to know the whereabouts of anyone and anything in any given room or area instantly when we focused on it. We were able to consciously gain information just by looking upon the surface of something that has bared witness to things no one else has, which, to be able to do so consciously, is an extraordinarily rare ability that very few possess. Another unique thing that stems from this ability is the post-cognition that comes with it. It inspires vivid visions of events that have taken place among any given item. It can also be used on people, which we found to be absolutely amazing to witness because, if you use this power on a person, the vision this magic inspires aren't then just specific to the things that specific person has be present for... You can end up viewing visions along the entire bloodline of any given person.

We used this ability with a woman directly descended from an ancient and powerful bloodline with the well-preserved genes of King David. We were able to learn an extraordinary amount of information and verify the legitimacy of quite an astounding amount of information, including the vast amount of 'what ifs' in reference to whether or not King David had actually been granted magic, power and strength from God himself. We were even able, through this piece, to extract some of that dormant magic. It was a very small amount but even so it was like a shock to our systems - enough to empower a a handful of people at once. In one person, we witnessed the magic completely transform their magic into something unlike anything we've ever had the opportunity to see first hand.

This item is extremely powerful and capable and, like I said, what it does is nothing short of phenomenal. It truly is unique and a must have for those who like getting what they want with no strings attached.


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