The Voice of Voodoo

The Voice of Voodoo

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If you are into Voodoo, this is a very simple to use piece that has been infused with a very powerful Voodoo magic.  It has been touched by the hands of the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau herself.  It was during a conjuring we did to pull her through.  She took control of Deedee's body and I was speaking to her as if she was really there in front of me.  She made a series of items for us, some of which we've sold already and some that we have given away as gifts. 

We have these earrings left, which Marie Laveau made for us through using Deedee's body as a vessel.  When you wear them, you can call out to Marie Laveau and tell her the type of Voodoo spell you wish to cast.  She will hear you from the spiritual realms.  She will then cast your spell and whisper out to you that it has been done. 

Occasionally there will be a spell that you will not be able to have cast for you.  This piece will not kill anybody.  It will not grant you immortality.  It can't make you stronger than God, etc.  However, anything else is pretty much a go.  Plus, you will get to hear her actual voice respond to you.  How cool is that?!! 



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