The Voodoo Queen of Myrtles Plantation
The Voodoo Queen of Myrtles Plantation

The Voodoo Queen of Myrtles Plantation

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This piece comes from an investigation that we went on while we were in Louisiana the most previous time.  We haven't listed it, simply due to the fact that we wanted to make sure that powers were fully under control before we went passing it on to the next person.  Although the powers in this piece have been fully reined in, it was a difficult task to do simply because the spirit that lives in this piece was very angry, as she should be.  
The name of spirit in this piece is named Chloe.  She was slave girl who once served the owners of the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  The plantation was built in 1796 by a lawyer turned planter by the name General David Bradford, whom they called Whiskey Dave for his part in the Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion.  As the story goes, she was hung and killed in front of her family after being accuse of poisoning her master's wife and children.  
The fact of the matter is that she never did this.  It was the husband who killed his wife and children because he was having an affair and his wife was about to expose him.  Therefore, since it was a well known fact that Chloe was a very powerful practitioner of Voodoo, the master essentially started a witch hunt against Chloe, which didn't end well for her.  She has haunted the plantation for years, showing up around the plantation in her green turban with the two dead children in tow.  
During our investigation we were able to successfully bind Chloe's spirit to this piece.  We have kept her for a few years to make sure her temperament was calm.  Through white light integration, we have been able to calm her down just enough that the person who holds this piece is able to enjoy the full range of her Voodoo abilities.  In order to use this piece you will have to create a doll, only one time.  You will wear this piece while offering Chloe just a drop of your own blood. 
She will appear to you in full form, wearing her signature green turban, no kids though.  At this point, she will come to you and teach you her Voodoo powers, which include a full range of powers that you would associate with Voodoo.  Wealth, spell-casting, necromancy, blood alchemy, spiritual purification, and the creation of human zombies (the Voodoo way) are just a few of the Voodoo powers you will gain when you own Chloe.    
There is one other alternate way to use this piece. You can just wear it and light a candle at night and ask her to do the magic for you, which she will do. The other way is if you want to have full control. This is a very powerful piece that allows you to control the magic in two different ways.

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