The Weaver's Ring of Love and Fate

The Weaver's Ring of Love and Fate

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Brunhild Wessely belongs to the oldest and most powerful witch coven. Her clan is not easy to find as they are a group of stubborn old German witches that reside in the thickest parts of the Black Forest in Germany. Not a one of the Foret Dwelling hags are under the age of 897 and they've been luring unwitting travelers into their confines in order to use their souls to restore their own youth. Well, I wouldn't say that they are an attractive bunch, which is part of the reason why they don't get out into the public that often. No matter, they don't really need to. They have everything that they need right there on there on their confines that consists of about six small cottages that are unknowingly planted right in the middle of nowhere. Yes, the witches are social outcasts, but when you have power as extravagant and powerful as they do who really needs friends? Am I right?

The witch who we got into contact with to make this piece is named Brunhild. She is the youngest member of the Wessely Coven and believe me when I tell you she is extremely hard to come into contact with. This is partly due to the fact that the supreme of the coven, quite fittingly named Ursula, usually bans all outside communication if they aren't trying to steal a body and hi-jack a soul. However, we had an offer for her that was rather enticing and she took the bate. In exchange, all we wanted was one item made. It had to be made specifically by Brunhild, because she was the only member of the coven to actually ever love another mortal. That's a story in and of itself, but that didn't end so well for her and she almost wound up getting burnt at the stake for her foolish involvement in mortal ways. At least that's what Ursula tells her, but when your thousands of years old you tend to grow cold after awhile. Don't get me wrong, she would do anything to save her precious coven. She has just never been one for regular mortals. In fact, she hates them.

Either way, this piece was made by the only member of their coven that is able to create love magic. She does so in such an artful and skillful way that it has earned her the nickname, "the Weaver." You see, when you get a love piece from the Weaver, it isn't just a love piece that you are getting. It is so much more. Let me start with the basics. This love piece holds the powers of love that are carried by the likes of the Archangel Raphael and the love goddess Aphrodite. It is supernatural love energy and it comes from the will of God to love humans. As such, it plants a seed of love that is unconditional and once it is attached it can never be removed by either party that the spell effects. This will allow you to choose your own love, plant the seed and develop an undying bond between the two of you that will be taken to the grave and beyond. Yes, this piece creates the kind of love bond that even in the afterlife you will be reunited with your one true love, the same way that when a human dies they are reunited with God in Heaven.

While on Earth, this love spell is cast in such a way that will allow the pair of you to get everything that you have ever wanted out of life. It is happiness, bliss, wealth, health, and everything that you name all rolled into one little package of fate. You will get to use this love energy to name the things that you most desire and they will come to pass. For instance, if you want you and your lover to become famous together, this piece can do that. If you want to have the kind of wealth that will allow you and your beloved to travel the world to see Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, Tibet, and all the other famous places of the world, this piece will do that for you. If you want to be able to have you and your lover grow in power and magic together this piece can also allow you to accomplish that. You see the energy of the love that will exist between the two of you is so strong that together there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. The sky isn't even the limit. This piece will allow you to astral travel together and to have mind-blowing astral sex, if that is what you desire. The choice is really yours and what you experience is totally up to you. The thing is, make sure you choose your lover wisely, because like I've said, once the bond is cemented it cannot be undone. The only person that has the authority to undo it is God himself and that will take some hoops to jump through. Other than that, this is one of the most powerful love items that I have ever experienced personally and if you are REALLY, TRULY in love, this will take your relationships to extremely new heights.

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