The Witch's Poppet and the Bracelet She Made for Us (the chain bracelet)
The Witch's Poppet and the Bracelet She Made for Us (the chain bracelet)

The Witch's Poppet and the Bracelet She Made for Us (the chain bracelet)

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While out scouring antique and consignment shops for empowered items that have been left behind, we came across a peculiar doll. The doll was fashioned out of small twigs that had been woven together to form the likeness of a human being. The small bundle of twigs was held together in the middle with a black ribbon that had been tied into a bow. Atop the doll was a small black conical black hat. At the bottom was a dress made out of burlap. It had a very country kitchen feel to it, but that was not the most fascinating thing about the whole get-up.

As we walked past the doll, she immediately made herself known to us via a psychic connection that flashed through our brains. This made us so curious that we bought the doll and took it home. After working with the doll and our psychic connections to it, we discovered that the doll was not an ordinary doll. It was a witch's poppet, used in a spell to cast the soul of a witch into it for hiding.

She is a witch who had come under persecution in Connecticut during the witch trials in America. She was accused of witchery, rightfully so, but she never used her powers to bring harm to anyone. She lived with her coven in the woods, the rest of which had not been discovered prior to her casting herself into the poppet. Her coven was supposed to retrieve her poppet from a hidden spot in the woods, take her far away and perform a retrieval spell. However, not long after she was discovered so was the rest of her coven. She has been trapped in her own hell for the last few centuries.

When we determined that it was indeed a witch and that she was telling the truth, we performed the retrieval spell and brought her forth. As repayment for setting her free, she helped us make two pieces. They are two different style bracelets with magnetic snaps that can be used interchangeably. They will be listed separately with the powers that have been cast into each of them.

The second piece is the chain bracelet, which holds 9 powers, so it's obviously going to be a little bit more expensive, but you get more powers than the first one. None of them have to do with love. If you want love, that is why we had the other one made. This one goes into different types of magic.

1.) Owl Snap is symbolic of wisdom and discernment. Use this power when you first meet somebody, to be able to read their soul to know if they are good or evil. This will save you from drama in the long run and keep you from trusting people that you can not trust.

2.) The first blue snap that is attached to the bracelet in the picture brings the power of psychic visions. This works with everything in the future. It will allow you to see your own future, but also allows you to see the future of other people simply by taking them by the hand and concentrating on their energies.

3.) The second blue snap that you see not attached to the bracelet brings you the ability to see the past. Not only can you see that past, but it will allow you to block out memories that you might rather not have. It also allows you to perform memory regression on people who have lost their memories of events that they are trying to recall. This is not a past-life regression. Do not get the two confused.

4.) The pink snap brings healthy, beauty, and agelessness. This is not to confused with the beauty that given to you to appear beautiful to another person. This piece comes from within and will give you a beauty and allure to other people. Your hair will be shinier, your skin will appear more refreshed, your teeth will even appear whiter. It will freshen your breath. You will experience a slowing down of the aging process.

5.) The blue snap that has white designs on it and a red center is protectives shield. It will shield you from all evil and will keep darkness from coming into your life. This includes spells, curses, and evil entities alive.

6.) The blue snap with the solid white design in the middle is a spell for wealth in travel. This piece will bring you wealth that will allow you to travel the world. This wealth will come in many different fashions and it doesn't take long for the power to spark and really start bringing in the money.

7.) The flower snap holds an ancient fairy spell that will allow you to do white light healing. This healing is both limited physical healing and full spiritual healing. What I mean by limited physical healing is that this piece will not cure things like AIDS or Cancer, but will help alleviate with physical pain and side effects from illnesses.

8.) The snap that looks like a bunch of eyeballs holds a chakra spell that will awaken your third eye and give you a full-blown psychic awakening. This includes a full range of all psychic powers. Don't email to ask will this piece do this or will this piece do that... it is powerful. The answer is yes.

9.) The final piece holds a portal opening spell. Witches have long held the magic that allows them to open portals between two worlds such as the portal between Earth and Heaven, or the portal between our world and the realm of djinn. It gives you full ability to open any portal that you see fit.

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