The Witch's Poppet and the Bracelets She Made For US (the Bangle)
The Witch's Poppet and the Bracelets She Made For US (the Bangle)
The Witch's Poppet and the Bracelets She Made For US (the Bangle)

The Witch's Poppet and the Bracelets She Made For US (the Bangle)

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While out scouring antique and consignment shops for empowered items that have been left behind, we came across a peculiar doll. The doll was fashioned out of small twigs that had been woven together to form the likeness of a human being. The small bundle of twigs was held together in the middle with a black ribbon that had been tied into a bow. Atop the doll was a small black conical black hat. At the bottom was a dress made out of burlap. It had a very country kitchen feel to it, but that was not the most fascinating thing about the whole get-up.

As we walked past the doll, she immediately made herself known to us via a psychic connection that flashed through our brains. This made us so curious that we bought the doll and took it home. After working with the doll and our psychic connections to it, we discovered that the doll was not an ordinary doll. It was a witch's poppet, used in a spell to cast the soul of a witch into it for hiding.

She is a witch who had come under persecution in Connecticut during the witch trials in America. She was accused of witchery, rightfully so, but she never used her powers to bring harm to anyone. She lived with her coven in the woods, the rest of which had not been discovered prior to her casting herself into the poppet. Her coven was supposed to retrieve her poppet from a hidden spot in the woods, take her far away and perform a retrieval spell. However, not long after she was discovered so was the rest of her coven. She has been trapped in her own hell for the last few centuries.

When we determined that it was indeed a witch and that she was telling the truth, we performed the retrieval spell and brought her forth. As repayment for setting her free, she helped us make two pieces. They are two different style bracelets with magnetic snaps that can be used interchangeably. They will be listed separately with the powers that have been cast into each of them.

The first is the solid bangle type it comes with four powers. It has everything to do with love and relationships. They are outlined below:

1.) The pink snap that is already on the bracelet in the picture will allow you to appear as the most beautiful or handsome creature to ever roam the Earth, but only to the person who has been put under the spell, which you will cast using this piece.

2.) The reddish-purple snap gives you the ability to see into the future in order to assess any relationship. If it is a relationship you are already in, it will show you the future of that relationship, if it is worth it, etc. If it is a potential relationship it will show you the same, so you can either embark on a romantic journey or avoid unnecessary heartache and complications.

3.) The orangish snap is to bring wealth and contentment to any relationship that you might find yourself in. It is known that money is 90% of the problems that couples face. So, eliminate the problem by giving yourself abundant wealth so that way it won't ever be a problem.

04.) The Betty Boop snap bring sexual energy to the bedroom. Sex is not everything, but it is a major part of a relationship. If you are not sexually satisfied, the relationship will never work, no matter how much you love the person. This piece brings an energy to the bedroom that will give allow you and your partner to have amazing, mind-blowing sex.

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