The Wizard of Wundry

The Wizard of Wundry

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This little silver guy is the Wizard of Wundry. He is a whimsical being that lives in a realm that he created all for himself. In case you didn’t get it from his name, the realm is called Wundry. There are no rules in Wundry. Whatever the Wizard thinks inside of his mind plays out in his reality. There are dragons, griffins, unicorns, and other magical beasts of all other sorts. Everything in Wundry is white light. It is a place where worries don’t exist.  



However, it wasn’t always like that for the Wizard of Wundry. He traveled the earth as a rogue soul. In his physical form, the Wizard of Wundry is something that the mortal mind has a hard time comprehending. He was the physical embodiment of time. I know that we say time is a social construct all the time and I’m not backpedaling. What I mean is that the Wizard of Wundry was, at one point in time, in all places at all times. He wore many faces. He saw many things. I guess you could also say that he was the eyes of the universe.   



As new things happened, the Wizard of Wundry was made aware of them. It doesn’t matter what the new thing was, it was to be known by the Wizard. You could also say that Wizard of Wundry is a collective of knowledge. As I said, he is everywhere all at once. This doesn’t mean that there are billions of him. That means that there is one of him that is omnipresence. His presence wraps around reality and absorbs it like a sponge. 



Just like the “agents” from the Matrix, the Wizard can manifest himself in physical form into reality. He can also travel from place to place and from time to time. He is omnipresent, so nothing and nobody can hide from him. Or, I should say could have hidden from him. The Wizard of Wundry is no longer at his post, having been there since the very beginning of time and having expanded and grown with the universe as it did.  



He traveled places in the universe that are not known to man. He can reveal those places to those who are willing to learn. However, in terms of things you would understand, the Wizard of Wundry knows everything there is to know. He was present when the pyramids were presented to humanity at Giza. He held council with the nations of Atlantis. He was in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. He has received the lessons of the Grecian Mystery Schools, traveled the River Styx to the Underworld, and observed the Mayan long and short count calendars as they were being constructed. 



 He was there when extraterrestrial visitors etched the Nazca lines into the forest to preserve their own magic. He walked among the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. He knows the secrets of every kind of magic-- Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Zoroastrianism, Vedic Magic, Oriental Magic, Christian magic, etc. He knows all magic because he is the embodiment of all things.  



The Wizard of Wundry gave up his position because he is a jubilant chap. He is not greedy and he generally enjoyed growing in knowledge. In fact, it wasn’t until recent, darker times that he decided that his post wasn’t for him anymore and out of the knowledge of the universe a new physical being was born that embodied all things. 



This piece looks like one of those Shriner guys. It’s not, though. It is one of the most previous physical manifestations of the Wizard of Wundry. The piece is solid sterling silver and is worth every bit of the price.  



Currently, the Wizard of Wundry has retained all of his powers, magic, knowledge, and wisdom that we had acquired since the Beginning of Time. However, he doesn’t grow in power anymore. He gave that up because existence was becoming such an ugly place. However, he has ages and ages worth of knowledge, magic, and wisdom. He can teach you pretty much anything you want to know.   



When I was using this piece, the wizard actually manifested himself in full spiritual form. I wanted to test his knowledge to see if what he was saying about himself was actually true. You have to be careful when testing these pieces because sometimes the entities are tricksters and will try to trick you or deceive you. So, I asked him about something that I knew about very well-- the Cave of Treasures.  



I simply made mention of the Cave of Treasures and before I could say anything at all something happened. The Wizard’s body began to tick and then his eyes went completely white. Out of his eyes came these translucent lights. They were like movie reels. At the end of the lights, I began to see things take form.  



First, it was Adam. Then, Eve began to take form. Finally, I was able to see the entrance to their Cave of Treasures. It popped up right in front of me like a hologram. The hologram began to shift and walk toward the cave. I could see everything from the first-person perspective.  



I was seeing the memories of the Wizard play out before me as he showed me he was there with Adam and Eve when they created their cave of treasures. One by one, they made homes for each of their relics that they were able to bring back with them to the cave.



When they were done, the hologram froze and the Wizard spoke to me and told me to step inside of his memory. I was a little bit skittish at first, but then I did as he said. I stepped one foot into the hologram and began part of that reality. As half of my body was inside the hologram and the other half was not, I existed in both realities at once, which was a really awkward feeling. I felt sensory stimulation from both places at once.  



Then, I stepped my other foot into the holographic existence and I fully existed in the memory of the Wizard of Wundry. I lifted my hands to eye level. They looked like a black and white film. Adam and Eve moved about and it didn’t take long for me to realize that they had no idea that I was thee. Then again, how could they? This wasn’t really happening. It was a memory.  



The interesting part is that I could physically interact with the holographic reality, just not the humans. For instance, I was able to pick up several of the relics. Not only was I able to handle them, but the full magic of each relic that I laid my hands on became ingrained into the fibers of my being and the magic became mine. Later on, I transferred this magic to a different piece.  



This is how the Wizard Shares his knowledge with those who seek it. You will ask him to show you a bit of knowledge or a form of magic. He will allow you to become part of his memory and absorb it. This is the same way he absorbs things as they are happening in real-time.



There is nothing that the Wizard doesn’t know-- or should I say very little that he doesn’t know. He knows all of the ancient magic from our Earth and around the universe because- in case you forgot-- he is the embodiment of time and knowledge. He will even allow you to visit Wundry, his own existence that he created from scratch. Other than that, he has a great sense of humor and is a good companion spirit to have around. This piece is very powerful and I guarantee that you will not find another one like it.  




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