The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique
The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique
The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique
The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique
The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique
The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique
The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique
The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique

The Wizened One-- Solid Sterling Silver and Antique

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I'm going to start with a warning.  What we are going to discuss probably isn't for the faint of heart.  If you can't handle hearing the truth and dealing with a magic that isn't necessarily happy and bubbly, perhaps this piece isn't for you.  If you want something that is true and raw, if you want something that is going to quench your insatiable appetite for power, then this is definitely the piece for you.  It's roots run deep and the power and potential that this piece can bring you run deep.  

This piece delves into the chokehold that the Illuminati has on the "good" citizens of the world.  We're calling them good, but really we're just trying to say that anybody who isn't part of the Illuminati is being influenced by them in many ways.  Some of these influences are subtle, but others are done right in your face.  They involve death rituals that are used to summon spirits that are referred to as the "Wizened Ones."  There will be more on that later, but first I want you to consider the following.  

Throughout history humanity has been taught to normalize and to ritualize death.  We venerate saints who have died.  We celebrate Independence days, and war commemoration days, and all sorts of other holidays where dead people are commemorated.  Death is sometimes so normalized that we fire up the grill, make some hotdogs and celebrate with fireworks.  While I'm not saying that people shouldn't commemorate their fallen heroes, what I'm saying is that we have been desensitized to it through the creation of wars and other traumatic events and then taught to celebrate through commemorization.  

What I'm getting at is this.  We almost expect death these days.  Look around us.  There's always some rumor of a war going on.  There are shootings.  There are attacks.  It's like we are literally fighting an invisible enemy that we cannot win against and the point behind that is that the people in charge-- the Illuminati-- keep us in a anxious state so that way we almost expect these bad things to happen.  It's normal when war breaks out.  It's normal when school shootings happen.  It's normal when cops are assassinated.  The goal in all this is making sure that the members of the Illuminati can perform their death rituals without ever having to get their hands dirty.

The attacks on September 11th, the Columbine School Shooting, Sandy Hook, even the assassination of JFK were staged by the Illuminati as "tragic" events.  Bloodshed due to war has been deemed necessary to keep our citizens safe and for what?  So they can complete their rituals.  For instance, the assassination was a theatrical display put on by the Illuminati to replicate a ritual called the Killing of the King.  It ushers in magic and it allows them to call upon the Wizened Ones to grant them all the magic that they will ever need.  To be clear, I'm talking about the Saturnalian Illuminati, the ones that have aligned themselves with the great Saturn, who is-- long story short-- Lucifer.  

You might be wondering who the Wizened Ones are?  What are the entities that the Illuminati are calling for?  That's very simple to answer.  In the Bible when it talks about Satan and how he was thrown into the pit of Hell, it also says that he had followers.  In fact, it said that 1/3 of the angels in Heaven revolted.  This was after Lucifer did what?  Illuminated them with the entire knowledge of God.  Lucifer had this knowledge because it was given to him by God.  I've told you guys this many times, but Lucifer had just about every bit of knowledge that God did, because God created him to be his second-in-command.  

The gist of this situation is that Lucifer showed his angels what they could become with the knowledge that God had bestowed upon him.  Having seen the power and magic that they could have versus the power and magic that they did have, they were in agreeance to start an uprising.  They were greedy for power and control and the ability to manifest themselves as powerful as God.  What they didn't take into consideration was that 1% of knowledge that God keeps to himself-- how to vanquish all entities regardless of what the entity is.  So, back to the original point Lucifer was defeated.  He was cast out with 1/3 of the angels of Heaven into the Abyss called Hell.  

Having told you all this, not all the angels fell to Hell.  Some fell in different places in the universe.  Some traveled to other dimensions.  One of them fell to Earth.  Now, if you are catching my drift here, I told you that these angels were Illuminated by Lucifer.  Thus, they are the original Illuminati.  They just also happened to be referred to as the Wizened Ones.  Like Lucifer they were once beautiful angels who were cast out and have taken extremely ugly forms.  They are bitter and resentful because their bid to become the chief forms of the universe has failed.   They have been dispersed just like the people of Babel.  Talk about history repeating itself!  However, they are still extremely knowledgeable and this knowledge carries with it excessive forms of power.  This knowledge and power comes from the Illumination these angels were still given in Heaven.  Saturn represents Satan.  Thus, they are the Saturnalian Illuminati.  

On to the Wizened One that fell to Earth.  His Patron is Lucifer, but he was created by God in Heaven, so the Wizened One is dual in nature.  There is only one way to access his knowledge and that is through a death ritual, which brings my story full circle back to the fact that society has been desensitized to traume, tragedy, and war for a reason.  Adam Weishaupt first discovered the secret rituals for summoning the Wizened One back when he founded the Bavarian Illuminati.  

The Wizened One is a dual entity that is equal in power to Lucifer himself.  In other words he has the ability to open portals to all different parts of the universe, planes of existence, and points in time in order to bring forth the power and magic that is desired by those who have access to him.  But as I've said, there needs to be a fresh supply of death rituals happening and they have been happening on a mass scale.  Pick up a newspaper.  COVID deaths, war casualties, mass shootings, again all these things are orchestrated by the Illuminati via mind control.  

How are they controlling minds? Via rituals that you see on television, that you hear on the radio, even through the lighting of entities such as Shiva the Destroyer on the One World Trade Center.  They are all rituals that allow the Illuminati to control the minds of people and cause them to create death, OR lead them to complacency so they don't act out when it happens.  This is all done for the Illuminati to grow in power with the help of Wizened One who can grant them all the magic in the Universe.  He can grant them anything that they want, from immortality to immunity, to wealth.  There are no limitations of what the Wizened One can grant.  

Having said all that, this piece goes a step further.  I'm not exactly sure how old this piece is, but one of the previous leaders of the Illuminati ordered this piece to be made.  There have only been a select few in the history of humankind that have been allowed to see upon the face of the Wizened One.  That is because the power of looking upon its face will change a person down to their core.  Once he looked upon the face, he had a replica of the face made to hold the power of looking upon it.  He carried this with him everywhere he went.  When he wanted to know something-- anything at all-- he'd pull out this piece and summon the Wizened One directly to look upon his face and to gain the knowledge that he desired.

This piece was handed down, but eventually fell from the stronghold of the Illuminati and this is what we are offering.  This piece is the face of the Wizened One.  It is his actual face that was revealed to the very few.  When using this piece, the Wizened one will appear to you in spiritual form and you will be able to look upon his actual face.  You will experience a metamorphosis unlike any other.  It will impart you with the knowledge that God gave to Lucifer and Lucifer gave to his angels, the Wizened Ones, the original Illuminati.  

This knowledge is the full knowledge of God's mind.  When you receive your metamorphosis it will recreate God's mind within your own and you will be changed from the ground up.  This is a process, but you will be changed.  You will begin to know things you've never known before.  You will experience powers and abilities unlike anything else that you've been able to experience before.  You will be able to create your own magic and to speak with the voice of authority just like God did when he told the waters to separate when he created the Earth.

This is the ability to see with God's own eyes and to hear with God's own ears the many voices of the universe and they will tell you what you want to hear and what you want to know, because you have the mind of God.  This is the ability to speak into the darkness and create what you want to create, whether this is power or magic or destiny or something else.  You will be able to grant your own will and you will be able to create with the hand of God.  This is the ability to know with the mind of God and to see the entirety of the universe and understand the cosmic consciousness and to use the knowledge as your own.  This transformation is the full embodiment of the spiritual body of God, which is the secret that he shared with Lucifer, which was shared with the Wizened Ones.  It doesn't get much more powerful than this.  

Just to clarify, despite the fact that the death rituals were being performed in open places, this piece isn't like that at all.  This piece is a direct connection and only a very simple ritual involving a candle is needed.  That's how powerful this piece is.  It bypasses all other requirements and takes you directly to the Wizened One who holds the answers to everything you've ever wanted to experience.


The very first time that I used this piece I was lying flat on my back.  Well, it wasn’t the very first time that I used the piece, it was the very first time that I made a connection with the piece.  It was my breakthrough point.  By this point, I had actually become discouraged, so I used a meditation technique that allowed me to drop everything else I had going on from my mind.  As I meditated with the piece I envisioned a small ball of energy in the front of my mind.  This energy grew and grew.  Eventually, the Wizened One was standing directly in front of me and he spoke to me directly via telepathic vibes.  


“Mortal, you have conjured me?” He asked.  


“Yes, I replied.”  He stood there in all his ugliness, a fly atop his head just like it is shown on this piece.  The fly represents Satans and his many demons, just like you would see in a movie or read in a book.  Flies are omens and while The W.O. isn’t necessarily evil, he’s not exactly a ray of sunshine, either.  His face contorted when he realized I had summoned him, but it didn’t matter because I had full control.  


“I wish to see the Throne of God and the angels that surround it.  I wish to speak to them myself and to gain their guidance,” I spoke.  Obviously, I have seen this place before, but I needed to test the piece.  The W.O. began to spin his arms around in a circle, mumbling something that I didn’t understand.  As he did this, the space that his arms encircled created a vortex.  This vortex pulled my soul through, like a black hole.  On the other side was very bright, celestial light.  I knew in an instant that he had granted my request.  


When I was delivered to the Throne of God, I immediately was able to make a psychic connection to the 24 Elders, who are the archangels that surround the throne.  These are the ones spoken about in the Book of Revelations.  Each of the Elders sat upon their own throne and I called out to them with the power of my mind and implored their ancient and divine knowledge.  


One by one, the Elders invited me to sit on their throne.  They placed their crowns upon my head and as they did I experienced an influx of knowledge and magical abilities.  Immortality, the ability to raised the dead, the knowledge of ancient Kabbalah, a connection to the Roots of the Tree of Knowledge, the full knowledge of the Book of Names, and other white, sacred, and secret magic was given to me.  The most humbling of these powers is the ability to hear God’s voice, not as thunder or as a telepathic vibe, but to hear his actual voice that he speaks with.  It is the most melodic and comforting thing that you can imagine.  It put me into a trance where I was soothed and connected to the universe as his presence lived inside of me.  I was able to connect with him and to know his soul and his heart and to feel his flood flowing through me all at the same time.  It was a very powerful experience that I will not soon forget.  


Deedee also had an experience with this piece, but hers was a little bit different.  Deedee has always had an fascination with the macabre-- the dark and dangerous if you will.  She used this piece to call upon the W.O.  According to her, she took a bit more time to connect with the piece, but that is probably just because she has more on her mind than I do.  However, when she did manage to make the connection, she said that he came to her the same way that he came to me-- “Mortal, you have conjured me?” 

Now, we all know the Deedee doesn’t take crap from anybody.  She said she took one look at the W.O.  and felt that he was extremely powerful and could slay her entire existence with the swipe of an arm.  However, she also knew that she had full control over him when using this piece, so she retorted, “Wel, yeah-- that’s why I’m using the piece.  We doing this or what?”  


“My, my, my.  We have a feisty one,” was the W.O.’s comeback to that.  “Very well, mortal what it is that I can do for you?”  Deedee said that at this point she conveyed in her mind what she wanted from him.  She said that when she told him what she wanted from him his eyes lit up with excitement and he spoke to her saying, “Hmm… interesting.”  She said that she didn’t experience what I experienced with the circle of the arms.  The thing is that she also didn’t ask for what I asked for.  


As she stood there watching, the W.O. began shaking violently, convulsing, and murmuring something in an unknown language.  She said his head began to shake back and forth violently until he began glitching like a character on a computer.  His body burst into flames and brought with it the smell of rotting flesh, sulfur and some other vile smells.  Then, the head of the W.O. began to take a different form that it had before.  As Deedee watched, she looked dead into the eyes of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Monster himself.  


Now, I’m sure that you are all thinking, “Of everything she could have seen or chosen to see, she wanted Jeffrey Dahmer?”  She has always been fascinated with the most sinister of people, why they did what they did, and death if I’m being honest.  She wanted him for one reason and one reason alone, though.  This was to acquire a very rare form of alchemy called Skin Alchemy.  It’s the reason why Dahmer ate his victims.  He was able to absorb not only the life essence from the people that he ate, but also their secret powers and abilities.  Dahmer had his reasons for choosing who he chose and that was because they had powers and/or energies that he wanted.  


Now, Deedee obviously won’t be eating people, but she has gained the ability to lay her hands upon a person and take energies, power, and magic from their body should she choose to.  Through laying her hands on them she can see their knowledge, gain their essence, copycast and all abilities that they have.  This was from a simple rendezvous with Dahmer, who the W.O. conjure from Hell and allowed to use his body for spiritual communication.  Again, you have full control.  When Deedee was done she obviously sent the murderer back to the pits of Hell where he belongs, but she now carries with her that ability.  Well, she actually put it into a piece, but she has the ability when she wears it.  


Finally, I will tell you of one more person who used this piece and this was somebody who tested it for us.  The beginning was the same.  He meditated with the piece and eventually connected with the W.O.  It took him a few times of meditating on separate days in order to make a full connection.  The W.O. appeared to him asking, “yes, mortal, you conjured me?”  The tester then proceeded to show the W.O. what he wished to accomplish, which was the ability to see the entirety of his future.  


“Very well,” responded the W.O, “That which you’ve asked to see shall be shown.”  The W.O. then removed his cloak and threw it into the air.  It cut a hole in the darkness and through the window that was created our tested saw the entirety of his life-- from birth until death.  He saw all the things that happened to him, whether they brought joy to him or whether he couldn’t stomach them.  He had some very great moments of happiness awaiting him and some very not-so-great moments of trial and grief.  


Here’s the thing.  When he was done watching his entire life like a movie, the W.O. approached him with the following question, “Are you satisfied with what you have seen?  Or, do you desire more?”  In that instant, our tester said he went back in his mind to see everything that the W.O. had showed him.  When he got a part where he wanted something changed, he simply changed it with his mind.  This desire was transmitted to the W.O. who transfigured the tester’s life to accommodate the things that he wanted.  He wanted love and a family.  He wanted to be a wealth business owner.  He wanted to travel the world and live to an old age in good health.  H wanted a beautiful wife with great sex.  Oh, and he wanted to be able to cast spells when he wanted them.  All this was given to him by the W.O.  He was allowed to view his life a second time, to make sure it had been changed to his liking.  Once he was satisfied the W.O. vaporized into thin air.  


I know I said that was the last one-- but here is a bonus.  I won’t get into the whole detail of what was said, but another one of our testers actually used his piece to experience the Resurrection of Christ for himself.  What do I mean by this?  The W.O. transported him-- in spirit form-- to the time of Christ’s Resurrection, on a time loop.  The man was able to assume the body of Christ and to experience the entirety of the Compassion of Christ from beginning to end.  He said this experience gave him the Bloodline of Christ, with which he has been able to manifest miracles, call upon the Heavenly Host for their powers, he has been given a vivid knowledge of the magic and secrets hidden in the Bible.  It also gave him a direct connection to God and the divinity of the universe.  This sparked a change with in him and he was able to manifest his inner God genome to become a living god-spawn on Earth.

Okay-- one more.  I swear that's it.  This piece was used by another tested to summon all of the djinn that were once owned by King Solomon.  I won't get into particulars, but the W.O. was able to reach out and conjure all of these djinn and store them into a piece that the tester would have access to them in the future.  That is a ton of magic and magical abilities that this piece brought simply through being able to grant unlimited magic.  Okay, that is the last one.  I will let you mill this one over, but please do not wait too long, because if you do somebody else might have already made the decisions to capitalize on the powers of this piece!!

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