The Word and the 72 Names of God, Youtube Lindy

The Word and the 72 Names of God, Youtube Lindy

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This piece holds the magic of the Word that was with God in the Beginning of Time and the 72 names of God that allowed him to create everything out of nothing.  This piece was also created using these same powers.  It was created out of nothing, but not holds a physical spot in the world.  

This ring holds a beautiful stone with all the colors of the universe that dance within like a raging fire.  The band is sterling silver.  When you use this piece you will also be able to create something out of nothing.   It will allow you to create all those things that you need for your life-- powers, abilities, situations, circumstances, magic, or really just whatever you need.  

You can see the captivating colors of this ring and learn more about its fantastic powers by clicking the following link and viewing it on Youtube:

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