The work of the past magic

The work of the past magic

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In witchcraft and in voodoo of ages ago they often used rope or knots to create and bind magic to themselves or others. Usually, the people that did this magic were very skilled and it was all they did. While witchcraft and voodoo are very different , some aspects of the magic are very much alike, this type is one of them.

The piece you are looking at has been done for you using the old ,methods. This is not black magic at all but will remove what you need gone or put in place what you want.  So if you have a problem with someone this piece would bind them away from you. If you need something or someone or to fix someone's issue this would also remove it.  This will remove or place what you need and it will be bound to follow your instructions of which you would speak out loud while touching the necklace.

prince was murdered


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