The Yeshua Life Essence
The Yeshua Life Essence
The Yeshua Life Essence

The Yeshua Life Essence

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Recently, there was a question posed to me and I needed a little bit of time to think about it.  To paraphrase they asked me I think it is possible for somebody to become all-powerful without their head exploding or without other entities seeing it a possible threat to their own powers.  I haven't answered that person yet, but I will. I know she will be reading this, so I guess this will serve two purposes. It will answer their question as well as deliver a brand-new item to the rest of you.  My answers are that I think if a person undergoes the correct type of transformation with the correct type of transformative powers-- then, yes-- a person can become all-powerful. It has happened throughout history.  This piece serves as a vehicle to allow for the owner of this piece to become all-powerful without their head exploding or anybody putting out some kind of intergalactic hit on them. This is because, much like the nuclear arms race, powerful people recognize powerful people and they know that it is always a gamble when confronting power that is as powerful as theirs or more powerful.  They don't chance it.  

This is a brand-new piece that we are offering.  I know that I told you guys that you were going to be getting brand-new pieces from the Underground Auction, but this piece is neither from the Underground auction or necessarily not from the Underground Auction.  Deedee acquired just the other night. It was during the strangest of circumstances. Evidently, somebody saw her "shopping" at the auction and wanted to deliver her a little gift. She has no idea who sent this gift for her, but she is thankful, so if you are reading this, now you know.  This gift was sent via a messenger. This messenger randomly showed up at Deedee's private hotel door. He told her that his "master" had sent him with this item and told her that his "master" wanted her to have this piece. By her account, he was dressed in black from head to toe and looked like a secret service agent, or perhaps a member of the Men-In-Black.  


The piece came wrapped elegantly in a box with expensive paper.  She opened it and one touch of the item was enough to send a shock of power through her body.  After first touching the item, she turned to ask the "man in black" who had sent him. By this time her visitor had disappeared, right into thin air.  It was peculiar because if the guy had the ability to travel that way, why had he bothered knocking on the door, at all? It was bizarre, to say the least.  The magic in this piece is very important, though. It answers the questions that we have been wanting to ask regarding the Philadelphia Experiment. Well, at least it answers a few of them.  You see, the Philly Experiment wasn't just one experiment in and of itself. It was a conglomeration of little experiments that were being conducted under one massive operation title. After receiving this item, we now know one more aspect of the Philly Experiment and we are even closer to figuring out the "why" behind the experiment.  

You might be asking how Deedee knows that this piece has anything to do with the Philly Experiment.  It's because when she was testing the piece she was given visions of the experiment. She was able to see bodies that had melted into the beams of ships that had been sent into the past and into the future.  She was able to see the effects of past experiments gone wrong and the aftermath. It is detrimental for all involved when you are time-traveling and two objects return and try to occupy the same real estate.  Most of the times this doesn't end well for those involved. If it is human vs. object, the object usually always wins, hence the mashed faces with horrific looks on them embedded into the beams of ships that were sent to and from different times.  She knew it was Philadelphia because she was shown the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. She also noted that this was in modern times, so she knows that whatever was once going on is still happening.  

This piece brings proof that the Philadephia Experiment was not only for time-travel but also interdimensional travel.  The proof is that this piece allows you to travel to a separate dimension from our own. It is a piece that was perfected by the people in charge of the Philadelphia Experiment-- the United States Government.  Had Deedee known who the piece had been sent by, then maybe she'd have more answers, but this is all she can deduce from the experience. Maybe you will be shown more. It just depends on the person. Anyway, once you realize the powers that this piece offers, then it will totally evident that the US government is behind it.  They are obsessed with trying to summon gods to Earth, especially thee God. That is why this piece allows you to travel to a place called the Cave of Yeshua. This cave is nestled in a well-hidden spot in the Realm of Atlantis. I'm not sure why this is where the cave has been hidden, but that is where the cave is and I know this because Deedee traveled there when using this piece.  

By her account, when she held this piece in her hand, the spark of energy rushed through her body like a jolt of adrenaline that was one million times more powerful than anything she had ever experienced.  It subdued her body and took her spirit right out of it. She was immediately transported to the Cave of Yeshua, which she said has an energetic presence of its own. That's because the Cave of Yeshua holds the life essence of the Christ that God sent to Earth.  I know what you're thinking... another religious piece. It really isn't like that at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. This cave pre-empts religious magic, because the life essence inside this cave is what God used to create Jesus, also called Yeshua. The Yeshua is an energy of its own that allows entities to receive a transcendence that allows them to become all-powerful.  It allows them to become deities on Earth. this is the magic that God used when created a mortal vessel for his Son to be placed into. You know the rest story. Jesus Christ was quite possibly the most powerful being to ever live on Earth. He spoke to creation with authority and that means power.  

This piece is not allowing you to become Christ.  That is not what we are after here. That's why this piece is not a religious piece.  You are being given the life essence-- called the Yeshua-- that allowed Jesus to become Jesus.  The way he chose to use this ability was directly influence by God. The way you use this same power is your business.  Deedee said the blast of energy that she received walking inside the cave was immeasurable. When she walked into the cave she immediately noticed a change in the atmosphere.  There were ancient carvings on the inside of the cave that she didn't recognize and couldn't make out. In the center of the cave "Yeshua" was carved. She said it was more of a symbol than a word, but she was given the name psychically by the symbol.  It was then that she realized what the government was up to. They were trying to create a race of individuals who held the powers of the Yeshua life energy so they could take over the world. She said she honestly doesn't know if they have tapped into this magic or not because the magic is infinite.  If they had taken some of it, it would have replaced itself by now. Where the life essence comes from is a mystery, but it only ever existed inside of one cave, which is the one that Deedee visited in Atlantis-- the Cave of Yeshua.  

This piece allows you to travel to the Cave of Yeshua.  Somehow the Philly Experiment has been able to locate it.  Clearly, they have been able to send people to the cave, or this piece wouldn't even exist.  When you use this piece, you are getting the ability to travel to the Cave of Yeshua to receive the Yeshua life essence.  What will this do for you? Well, it gives you a life essence that will allow you to go through transcendence of the soul.  This will allow you to become all-powerful. This will allow you to become a god on Earth, no questions asked. You see how Jesus Christ used his powers.  The question is, how will you use yours? You have the ability to use this magic however you would like. It allows you to create your own magical powers and abilities.  It gives you the blueprint for creation, meaning you can birth your own entities and hold control over the entities on Earth. You will become powerful and equal to the likes of Isis, Ishtar, Ba'al, Molech, Annan, Ra, and all the other gods/goddesses that you associate with extreme power.  

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