Third Eye Springs Forth

Third Eye Springs Forth

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This piece holds the powers of Ganesh as he was found in the Kanipakam village in ancient times.  In those times there were three disabled farmers. One was deaf, one was dumb, and one was deaf. They shared a well that was blocked up.  Upon going to see what was wrong with the well, they discovered a bleeding rock that was the culprit. As they touched the rock they were cured of their maladies, so they went to the village to tell others.  When the villagers arrived, Ganesh appeared to them in the form of a stone idol. This idol performed many miracles.

Such is the power in this piece.  This piece is a spiritual healing piece.   When worn, this piece provides spiritual healing and cleansing of the chakra system that will facilitate a full and complete opening of the 3rd Eye and psychic awareness.  There will not be psychic that you will not possess. You will be able to pass this healing along to others if you so choose. If not, well then, at least you will become very powerful yourself.  

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