THIS BOOK!  A no joke piece!
THIS BOOK!  A no joke piece!
THIS BOOK!  A no joke piece!

THIS BOOK! A no joke piece!

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This is going to be one of my all time favorite write ups, probably because it navigates away from the doom-n-gloom rhetoric and brings about peace of mind in knowing that behind all the bad stuff that is going on in the world and the universe, there is always good that can come of it.  Now, when you think of the word Mayan, for example, you will envision an ancient people who foretold of the impending death of humanity.  There was so much more to the Mayan civilization, however, that focusing on that aspect alone is very insulting.  
The ancient Mayan people can be likened unto the ancient Egyptian people.  In fact, in ancient times the Egyptians actually traveled to the Mayan lands to learn from them.  Not many people know that the Egyptians were seafaring people, but there is evidence that says otherwise.  So, they traveled to the Mayan lands to learn because they knew that the Mayans were a very powerful people.  Central America is the perfect place for people to become in tune with the powers that be, simply because the closer you get to the equator the more powers there are to be had, the clearer the skies become, the brighter the stars are, the more magic that exists.  
This piece that we are offering was taken into an ancient Mayan temple during an investigation.  It is a remote, rarely visited temple, on what would eventually come to be known as the Yucatan Peninsula.  It offers some of the densest forests known to Earth.  In the midst of all the forestry stands a Temple that is known as the Temple of Light.  This is because of the ancient race of people who once dwelt in the Temple.  This race of people came into existence after a group of Ethereal beings visited Earth to bring this group of Mayans a unique kind of enlightenment.  When the aliens came to Earth, they found the good in these humans to be so beautiful that they stayed and took them as sexual partners.  This created an offspring archetype that was half alien - half human.
This ancient race dwelt on Earth, keeping their presence widely unknown.  However, after they began to discover that Earth was never going to be what they expected, they created their own realm and rescinded into the realm to practice their powers and magic in peace.  We arrived at the temple that used to served them, which was packed with energies of all sorts.  We could feel that magic was present the minute we stepped foot in the temple.  During our visit, we found a chamber, with hand prints pressed into the wall.  This is when the magic happened.  By pressing our hands into the hand prints that are molded into the temple of the wall, we began a feel a certain energy course through our veins.  It was a power that washed over our body.  
We were whisked away to a foreign, Utopian realm, where the half beings lived and practiced their magic endlessly.  This realm has two suns.   There is a temple that you can go into where you can see all the movement of the universe at one time.  The only thing I can really liken it unto is a planetarium, except it is so much more than a planetarium and gives anyone who visits it the knowledge magic of the whole universe, from start to finish.  
There is another temple called the healing temple.  It is a healing station where those who have been given the ability can do white light healing on those who need it.  This is mostly a healing that gives full psychic ability and a range of psychic powers, including third eye awakening.  There is yet another temple called the Temple of the Book.  This book is kind of like a white light Necronomicon, in that it gives the knowledge of any single white light magic that has ever existed.  The book isn't even meant to be read.  The people in this realm all wear a kind of head covering, where this sun-disc hangs on their forehead.  The same sun disc is on the front of the Book.  When wanting or needing a power, these enlightened beings simply bend down, place their sun disc on the other sun disc, and then the powers begin to flow.  
As this happens, you can see a white light shine from the eye of the person who is connecting to the Book.  Their body begins to tremble and their face contorts, not in a painful way, but in a way that tells you they are gaining some serious knowledge.  This knowledge is knowledge from all over the universe, not a solitary source like usual.  This is how you know their knowledge is powerful, because it literally comes from all forms of existence.  It is something unlike anything I've ever seen before.  
This piece is one that we have taken to the Utopian realms that we have visited.  This power brings you the knowledge of the Book.  We are calling in the Book of Connectivity, because this is exactly what this piece does for you.  When you lay it on your forehead, where your third eye would be, it brings you a connections to the universe and all the powers and magic that it has to offer.  You can speak out and ask the universe for the powers or magic that you most desire.  The Universe will search and when it finds, you will feel the energies of the this power and magic flow through your veins.  It literally feels like you are receiving an orgasm throughout your whole body.  You can first feel it in your mind, then it begins to course out through the rest of your body.  You will gain a tingling sensation, and then your eyes will open.  You will awaken with the new power that you have asked the universe for.  
This is a seriously, seriously powerful piece.  It is Mayan magic, as given to them by the ancient Ethereals.  If you are looking for something powerful to get the job done efficiently and effectively, then look no longer.  This piece will give you literally any power or ability that you want.  All you have to do is reach out and ask the universe to bring it to you.  
This piece is HUGE! This is solid sterling with HUGE rainbow moonstones. When I say HUGE, I'm not kidding! This is the piece we took because we heard the energy was so powerful that a little piece just wouldn't hold it! What we are charging for it is what it ould cost with NO power what so ever in it! So you are really getting a deal on this one! This one is BIGLY!  Honestly you could turn it into 15 rainbow moonstone rings, no lie! Then you also have all the solid sterling you could redo. Even if you do that you would still have 15 plus super powerful pieces. It will NOT take away the power or you can wear it as it is. When you wear this and it lays against your skin you will be seriously blown away! For healing, OMG, for psychic ability, OMG, heck for anything you are seeking, this is it!

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