This is Cosmos. Cosmos is Powerful. Be Like Cosmos.
This is Cosmos. Cosmos is Powerful. Be Like Cosmos.

This is Cosmos. Cosmos is Powerful. Be Like Cosmos.

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So that way it is known, Lindy and DeeDee will be gone from 7/11/18 - 7/22/18.  During this time neither of them will be able to be reached via cellphone or email.  Shipping will not be done during this timeframe, but will resume as normal when they return. 


When the world was created, it was created with chakra hot spots, just like the human body was and just like all the planets and stars were.  These chakra hotspots are where the cosmic energies that have been used to hold the world and the overall universe together are held.  They travel throughout a system of ley lines that have been created by God.  They zig and zag through the universe like veins that deliver cosmic energies to these chakra hotspots like our veins deliver blood to our organs.  These are the energies that allow life to exist.  They are the energies that cohere the universe and existence.  They are the energies that are pulsated through the universe by the cosmic heart, aka the Universal Cosmos.  

This set of both a necklace and earrings hold tiny fragments of the rocks that serve as cosmic hotspot from all over the world.  There are some from the same, some from other places, but the underlying power is that they hold the energies of the Cosmos.  Now, what does that do for you?  Let's say for a second that you could know the wisdom of the entire universe, that you could control the cosmos.  You would know the secrets of existence and why we exist in the first place.  You would be able to mimic and recreate all powers that have ever been created.  This is because the Cosmos sees and knows all things.  It has been used to create all things.  Iif you don't believe me, you can ask God.  He'll tell you.  It is the very power that he summoned in creating the Universe and Earth.  What?  Don't think you can communicate directly with God?  Well, you could, supposing you held the power of the Cosmos.
Even the things that weren't created by God's hands have been created by some other being that has used the Cosmos.  However, you would never know the existence of such a thing.  Unless of course, you hold the power of the Cosmos.  You would have full dominion and magical superiority over all powers that you come in contact with because controlling the Cosmos means controlling the origins.  You could know the minds of all people, their actions, their thoughts, their dreams, and their innermost feelings because they have all been birthed using the powers of the Cosmos.    
So, the answer is very simply that when using this piece, you gain all of those abilities and more.  In fact, there are probably some abilities to which  I don't even know the answer because the Cosmos has always been and it will always be.  It is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and all the other "Omni" words that you can think of.   This piece is that powerful!   

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