This is going to be one of the weirdest ones ever placed on! ( underground auction)

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I have told you all about the underground auction. Most times people don't care about who knows who went but some like to remain private. One guy, if he was a human even just stayed in the shadows and watched closely. Most others were there for serious reasons. Many come from different organizations and groups of which some want privacy. I myself am like " put my name out there like a hooker on the corner!" To each his own I say!  I want all the unique stuff I can get! Well..... this is one of those unique things!

There is one organization called Relics of the catholic church the Vatican. Earth. This organization is a hidden one but if you look hard enough you will find that they did exist but just no longer on paper,if that makes sense. While we are on weird organizations there was also one there called Satan's Hope or also known as Continental Association of Satan's Hope. When I tell you this is a underground auction I'm dead serious! You can only go to some of these by private invite.

This organization, the Relics of the Catholic church Vatican, Earth has a lot of good stuff! Here is a short list of some of the stuff they placed into the auction. What was strange is they added the stuff they did in hopes of getting some of the items that Satan's Hope had in the auction.

Here is the list.

Bones from children murdered by Herod.

Hair from Jesus's beard

John the Baptists hair shirt

Jesus's foreskin

Breast milk from the virgin Mary and her underwear

Various skulls of Saints

Splinters from the cross and a lot more. Everything in the auction has to be approved so usually it is legit. How they verify everything is unknown to me. I was in a serious battle for everything I wanted that they had. I was fighting with Satan's hope for almost everything but you win some and you lose some! I ended up with getting only three things and two are for my own collection. The other item I got was  the virgins breast milk.

What are you buying? You are buying some of Virgin Mary's breast milk. I told you it was weird. What I can also tell you is that the power in it is like nothing I have used or seen before. I love that auction! 

As I understand it from talk that went around the auction is that Satan's hope wanted it because they had a special ritual. This ritual they said would bring about the new Christ. I say good luck with that. Why would they even want to do that? I also know that this is some serious potent stuff!

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