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There’s an occurrence within our minds, a delicate and bizarre but equally precious occurrence where the impractical suddenly becomes more if not entirely feasible. It’s not always safe. The monsters beneath our beds, the ones hidden away behind the clothes of our closets, and even those lurking in the dark corners of our rooms become real alongside all else. Yet, it is still desirable if not preferable over reality because it is the one time that occurs during which the rules are particularly unheeded and the limits are nonexistent.

History carries multiple monikers for the occurrence of which I reference—visions, prophecies, and perhaps illusions—but the most common epithet by far is “dreams”. Dreams, within which this relic has been forged.

In 1693, toward the very end of the Salem witch trials, a particular witch by the name of Edith Barnes who had been notorious for her ability to provide particularly accurate premonitions and dream manipulation at will had been discovered. Her premonitions were what had helped her and many other witches escape the trials for so long. By the time it had come to pass that she had been discovered, she had already seen it and was also aware of the outcome. She knew that there was no way to escape her fate but she also didn’t plan to.

With the small amount of time that she was elated, Edith conjured some witches glass in her dreams and surrendered her abilities to it, hoping that even in death she could continue to help those that did not deserve to die to escape death. Upon waking up, Edith had found that the glass had materialized in the palm of her hand.

Just before death, the glass had been given away to those who Edith trusted to use it well and for the sole purpose of staying safe until the trials came to an end. Unfortunately, what Edith hadn’t foreseen before her death, was that the glass would not work as she had intended. Instead, it would only work involuntarily while one was asleep, of which many did not have the luxury. For those who dared attempt, the gem would guide them and keep them safe, but for most, the fear of closing their eyes was too much to risk.

Once the trials had come to an end, the glass did not lose its use. Without being constantly hunted, witches began to use it for other purposes, exploring the abilities over time. It was discovered that Edith, whether intentionally or not, had created something that not only could inspire premonitions but it could also allow one to influence another’s thoughts and often times manipulate them into doing things that the holder of the glass desired under the condition that it would not be detrimental to either individuals.

It was because of this, that witches carefully eased their way through time and essentially survived those who had sought out to exterminate their existence. Over three centuries later, the stone has been past down from generation to generation, lost, found, sold, and now it’s in our possession. This glass will protect you as it has protected many and, with practice, you may unveil other abilities it may hold.

What does this gorgeous glass hold?

This is a portable portal that will open doors to other realms at you request.

This is a protection shield that is unlike any other in the way it protects and even can bring back the dead. No, you can't take it to a grave and have it bring them back but it will bring you back by preventing death.

You can bring it to a grave and speak to whomever you wish to.

You can control minds with this piece.

This is a dual piece and you can use it for revenge if you see fit.

You can open the portal and request that it changes destiny for you in any way, wealth, education, relationships, etc.

This will give you all the abilities of a natural born witch.

I only have one of these and the glass in the center is what is original. The loop and glass around it was placed there to make it less likely to break.

This WILL ward off ALL evil, spirits, curses, demons and more.

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