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This is a 14k gold ring with two pearls that represent the pearls of knowledge. These are great quality pearls too, not cheap. This ring is old and well made. You MUST ask before buying the ring and you will go through an evaluation before being allowed to buy. If I know you already you won't have to do that. I get a ton of new people buying and I will not sell you this piece with out a evaluation.  Those interested  email me at and name their price. 
The Cairo Genizah-- the most powerful one yet.
Ancient texts seemed to flourish in the 1700s, as this one was first found by a traveler and scholar named Simon Van Gedleren, who visited the Ben Ezra Synagogue in medieval times, which is located in a section of Old Cairo.  The year was about 1752 or 1753 when he first made the discovery of the Genizah, which was written in a number of ancient languages, most notably Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic.  The series of 300,000 Jewish manuscript fragments that document over 1,000 years of existence, documenting the history of Jewish Middle-Eastern and North African history.  
In the history books, you will learn that the manuscripts contained religious texts such as Biblical, Talmudic and Rabbinic works.  It also contained a detailed overview of the economic and cultural life of North African and the Eastern Mediterranean regions. Present day, these 300,000 fragments can be found, dispersed among a number of libraries including, but not limited to the libraries of Cambridge University and the University of Manchester.  Other than that, the whereabouts of the documents are somewhat known, but I'd say they are more or less unknown, especially when you are trying to find them.  It seems like doing research to find which parts of the document went where, people are so apprehensive to give you answers about the documents.  Maybe this is because they honestly don't know, or maybe it's because they know about the immense powers the manuscript brings.  
It should come as no surprise that when the revival of these ancient texts took place, the Catholic Church had to have their hands in it.  At this point in history the Church pretty much ruled the daily lives of every individual that didn't live in the Orient.  As such, Papal Rule was the government.  You went by their rules.  This is how a portion of Genizah came to rest in a secret Roman Catholic confines just on the outskirt of the Vatican city, located in chamber underneath the ground, in a vault that literally needed blood to open it.  The blood had to hold the DNA of a person who was authorized to open the vault.  You may think that this type of technology didn't exist back then, but it did.  And if this is how you truly feel, wait until I tell you the rest.  Hold onto your beanie, my friend, it's going to be a wild a ride.  
The fragments that are held by the Catholic Church are the most powerful pieces.  They were hand sorted by scholars and selected to go to Pope, who elected to put them into a hiding spot for *ahem* "safe keeping".  The scholars were then killed off by order of the Pope, on grounds that the scholars could potentially release the information of the ground-breaking discovery.  It kind of sounds like the Medieval version of the Clinton Body count if you ask me.  Anyhow, now let me ask you a question?  Do you believe in God?  If you answered yes, or if you answered no, now let me ask you this-- Do you believe in Aliens?  Well, if you believe in one, then you better believe in the other, because I have news for you-- the secret knowledge that was help in the Genizah, the link between the two is made very clear and very apparent.  
In the days before humanity existed, aliens already existed.  They were created as beings of light, by the hands of God.  God is the creator of all things, but He isn't this dude with a white beard that simply looks down from the heavens to watch over his sinful people and make sure they don't mess up.  I mean, he does, but there is a specific reason that he does this.  As you already know, Satan was an evil guy.  He was cast down from Heaven and depending on what story you believe, he either lives in a lake of fire or a realm that is totally devoid of life.  Here's the thing-- Satan was a very powerful being when was with God.  This is because God kept him in check.  Each entity has a certain amount of life force that is allotted to them.  God obviously has the most, because he is the creator.  Then, it goes down from there.  We have the least.  Angels have somewhere in between that, godly beings have somewhere in between that to.  Satan couldn't get enough of the life force (which by the way is also called the cosmos).  
Basically Satan got super greedy and became what I would describe as a cosmos junky, even though God told him that they had to preserve the cosmos, because there is only so much of it.  It is a great expanse, but if people keep acquiring and acquiring the life force, then eventually there will be none left.  So, to preserve the life force, God created humanity and breathed this life force into all of us.  Once we are done with out life on Earth, we return to Heaven.  The souls that are sent to Hell are stripped of their cosmos and sent to the void where no life force exists.  This is why Satan is constantly trying to gain souls.  Like I've said, he's constantly craving the cosmos.  We then received another life form that God puts the life force into, whether that is being reincarnated or turned into an angel or whatever. 
The "angels" that are talked about in the Bible are actually an advanced race of Extraterrestrials that he has placed more life force into than he has to us.  This is why they are God's messengers, how they bring powers to humans, and why they heal and travel throughout the realms.  This is why Satan also appears a serpent.  He is one of the angels, who are white light serpent-alien beings, who was stripped of his wings and made to crawl on his belly in the pits of Hell.  Earth is the battleground, because it contains so much of the Life Force.  It is why Jesus was sent to save souls, to maintain the life force.  Again, it is why Satan tries to fight or souls, because he's a fiend.  It is how the angels/aliens and other beings in the universe were created.  It is the power that is in exclusive control of the Creator, who humanity has been conditioned to call God.  I know that was a lot take a breath.  
The fragments that the Catholic Church received these bits of paper, upon which were written instructions on how to access the life force to receive a full genetic makeover.  See, our DNA is something like a computer program.  It literally determines how much of the cosmos we are going to receive, how many powers and abilities we are going to be born with, how we look, etc. etc.  Having this life force, or the cosmos, if how magic and powers are created.  This life force is hidden in all white light crystal pyramid in Heaven, which is all why the pyramids on Earth mimic and repeat this life force.  This piece and this power literally just reiterate and explain how everything-- all of it-- all ties together, even going back to ancient times before there was a "God", per se.  It will explain to you why some religions believe in many gods, which are representations of the beings the God created with the life force.  It's all about the life force and the control of it.  
This piece has made its way into the Vatican, or I should it was in the Vatican and it was apprehended and brought to us.  It is EXTREMELY powerful.  It brings EXTREME powers to those who use it.  Why?  Because this piece is a tap for the life force that God controls.  You know how you can turn on a faucet and just let the water run?  Well this piece does the same thing, except the only thing running is the direct power of the cosmos.  It will give you a DNA reconfiguration that will make you EVEN MORE powerful than the angel/aliens that God created to be more powerful than us.  In fact, the only being that you can never be more powerful than when using the energy is God, because he obviously controls it.  It will literally allow you to create any power, magic, ability, entity, being that you desire to create.  It can perform miracles, and spiritual healing and many great things.  It is more powerful than the magic of the Illuminati.  However, you must be very, VERY responsible how you use this piece.  You see what happened to Satan when he decided he was going to get all punch-drunk with the cosmos.  This is very powerful stuff, but you don't want that to happen to you.  We don't want that do happen to you.  
When considering ordering this piece, Deedee will do a total psychic evaluation on you and whether or not you able to possess this power.  The chances are if you are reading this, you are already destined for greatness, but you have to understand-- we have to be responsible, too.  The piece you get is the one shown, which was made using the ancient texts that were hidden in the Vatican for so long.   

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