Thoughtform Caster

Thoughtform Caster

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Having a thought is a lot more powerful and involved than you might suppose.  It literally involves the use of thousands of brain molecules and neurons.  The byproduct of these thoughts are energies that stay in your subconscious.  They can either be redirected to dreams or sometimes they just sit in your brains as memories.  Everything you feel, everything you see, everything you experience causes thought forms the energy of which is stored in your brain.  

This bracelet is a thoughtform caster.  It allows you to cast thoughtforms and subliminally project them into others' minds.  When you wear this bracelet, the thought form that you wish to cast will travel down the nerve endings into your arm and eventually into your wrist when this piece will put the energies of through thoughtforms from your body like a vacuum.  

The thought form will be distributed to the pointed ends of the bracelet.  It will bounce around in the space between the two points of energy and grow into a big energetic mass.  You will then flick your hand subtly and throw the thoughtform into the brain of the person whose mind you want it to land in.  You can do this if the person is standing in front of you.  You can also do this if you simply visualize the person's face.  

Why would you want to do this?  Here are a few examples:  if you want to make someone love you.  If you want to make somebody do something for you.  If you want someone to give you money.  If you want someone to do anything at all.  If you want your boss to give you a raise.  If you want someone to forget about something you've done or said.  If you want somebody to tell you the truth.  If you want someone to go away and never come back.    You can literally use this piece for anything.  Simply project what you want them to do and/or say it shall be done.  

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