Three Beautiful Orphean Pearls

Three Beautiful Orphean Pearls

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To everyone reading this listing. We have a bunch of products like this one. This is an item that may have seen on the website before. For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research. All of these items work superbly. Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing. Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing. Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!


This piece has been magically charged by a sage who is very knowledgeable in the ways of Orpheus.  It is important to know that reality is nothing more than what each of us makes it.  We make it for ourselves.  My reality is different than yours and so far forth. 


As such, in Orpheus reality God in the uncreated yet incorporal being.  From him is emit the Ether and Ether is in the shape of an egg, the same shape that all people who strive to exist within the divine must take.  These eggs will house our perfect ethereal being that will then be allowed to rejoin God on the spiritual plains of Heaven. 


This piece contains three beautiful Orphean pearls that arethe equivalent to the Orphean Egg.  Inside of each of these pearls is our unadulterated power that will allow you create any entity that you want-- the same way that God has created the world from the Ether that is housed inside the Orphean Egg of existence. 


Each Orphean Pearl will birth you an entity of your choosing.  It could be a Djinn or a vampire.  Maybe a witch.  Whatever the case may be, you will get to mix and match the birthing of your very own powerful trio of entities.  What's more is that you be able to summon your entities for the powers that they have.  

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