Three Keys-- The Key of Destiny, To Key to Great Fortunes, The Key of Future Secrets,youtube
Three Keys-- The Key of Destiny, To Key to Great Fortunes, The Key of Future Secrets,youtube
Three Keys-- The Key of Destiny, To Key to Great Fortunes, The Key of Future Secrets,youtube
Three Keys-- The Key of Destiny, To Key to Great Fortunes, The Key of Future Secrets,youtube
Three Keys-- The Key of Destiny, To Key to Great Fortunes, The Key of Future Secrets,youtube

Three Keys-- The Key of Destiny, To Key to Great Fortunes, The Key of Future Secrets,youtube

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The human mind tends to be skeptical and to turn a deaf ear to the truth.  Why?  Because sometime the human mind can't handle the truth.  It's easier to disavow the truth that it is to accept the fact that the unimaginable is taking place.  This has been true in the United States for many decades now.  On the low end of the spectrum, you have our children watching television, suffering from sexual impressionism that is set into their brain by the media.  On the other end of the spectrum, you have the government, most of whom have become part of a giant Satanic Cult, who control the masses.  
It isn't just the government, either.  Their influence has spread far beyond congress.  They have instilled their satanic ways into the youth that will eventually rule our land, that way when it is finally time for them to take the helm, they won't question the rituals they have to go through in order to become initiated.  These teens and young adults, live in the shadows, offering their satanic offerings on the fringe of our communities and neighborhoods.  They leave behind little or no evidence and the evidence that is left behind is destroyed.  
Want to leave the group?  Go rogue?  Don't even dream of it.  If you don't end up dead, you'll wish you were.  Their mind control tactics will allow them to force you to do unspeakable terrors.  They will send demons to you that will take over your mind and force you to do things that you wouldn't even dream of-- mass killings to be specific and other horrible things.  They will use you as a tool for their propaganda to seize guns from innocent people, so that way when their countrywide, public takeover does occur, they will have no way of protecting themselves.  Yes, they are that elaborate.  They have answers for everything.  They know the future.  They have very powerful magic.  After all, their leader is Satan, who was once Lucifer, the most angelic, powerful, and knowledgeable angel in all of Heaven. 
We were sought out by a survivor, who was terrified.  After many local churches turned him down and the mental health ward was quick to label him "schizophrenic", he felt as though he had no options left.  After seriously contemplating suicide, which is how many of these stories end, he felt a shred of fight left deep within.  He reached out to us in a last desperate attempt to seek out normality.  We've been fighting things like these for years.  We were able to help him get back on track, by giving him a very strong white light piece, that he will undoubtedly have to wear for the rest of his life.  The powers of this Satanic cult are so strong he will never be able to take it off, because there will be demons lurking just in the shadow, ready to leap.  
The survivor who came forward to us, Tyler, is doing fine now.  We check up with him occasionally.  When he came to us, though this wasn't the case.  His account of the ritual abuse that he had to endure at the hands of the Satanic cult was scarier than any haunt that I've to which I've ever been.  He told us about this torture mechanism called the Marionette, during which his joints were held up by metal wires, his limbs contorted in ways that the human body wasn't ever supposed to bend.  Then there is the sexual rituals that he was forced to be part of.  The girls have it far worse.  Once they are brainwashed into the cult, they leave their families, presumably as dead or missing.  They are forced to stay with the cult as ritualistic breeders.  They are impregnated and their babies are used in sacrificial rites that are performed by the leaders of the cult.  
The scary part?  These are the types of cults that the leaders of America are taking part in.  They show no remorse.  They crave power and Satanism gives them the Illuminati powers that they most desire.  Some people might ask, "Why isn't this reported?"  Well, it is.  These incidences are swept under the rug, because people have been trained to be skeptical.  They don't want to get involved.  Victims are sent off to mental hospitals, the modern word for asylums, where they are taught that they have multiple personalities.  Or worse, they are taught that they have "false memories".  Some of them are forgotten about, even by their families, left in the hands of wards, who are still doing weird experiments just like the were in the early 1900s, skating along under the radar.  The hysteria over is because the mind of Americans have become used to it.  Oh, another child gone rogue.  Or, oh, another child with a mental disorder.  It's time to wake up.  
After giving Tyler the white light piece and casting an emergency white light spell, we also performed an exorcism.  It was one of the most intense rituals that I've ever been present for.  It took hours and we ended up pulling 13 demons from him.  Most of these demons got away from us, but some of them we were able to trap inside of a vessel.  We kept this vessel for inside of a white light transformation container.  It has been imbued with an impressive amount of white light and the demons that we were able to hold onto remain in this piece, having undergone a complete and total white light transformation.  These entities, as we will call them because they truthfully are no longer demons, we just don't know what the opposite of Fallen Angels are called.  White light demons seems a bit of a stretch, but truthfully these beings have come to the light thanks to the transformation box that we have.  
There are three entities in this piece and each one of them hold a very, very powerful ability.  We are calling them the three keys.  Remember, all the knowledge of Hell was once the knowledge of Heaven, so really when you think about it the root of all magic is white light.  It is the intention with which the magic is used that determines what kind of magic that you are performing.  The names of these entities are not going to go into the description.  They are far to powerful for me to release the names, but you will get them when you use the item.  
First and foremost, this piece in general grants you a white light protection that you can cast upon others if you so choose.  It will protect your home as well as you, wherever you may be.  This is how strong the white light power that these entities were subjected to is.  Below are the descriptions of what each entity will do for you.  
1.) The Key of Destiny--  The Changer of Destiny's name will be given to you.  You can call upon him and he will show you your destiny.  He holds the powers to change your destiny from what it is into whatever you want it to be.  It's that simple, yet that powerful.  
2.)  The Key to Great Fortunes-- as the name of this entity suggests, it bring wealth and fame.  There are offerings or anything needed with the powers in this piece.  It will simply do as it suggests and bring you wealth... lots of it.  If fame is something that you want, then you can ask this entity for that to.  It will give you fame for whatever it is you desire to be famous for.  
3.)  Key of Future Secrets-- This one is a little bit more involved.  The Teller of Secrets holds a power that will show you the future, just not your own.  This is not like the Changer of Destiny, because this piece is not your own destiny, but the destiny of human existence.  It will literally show you all the secrets of the end of times.  Yes, of course, it will show you all the things that have been recorded in the Bible and the Book of Revelations.  However, it goes above and beyond ciphering these texts and will show you all the things that were written.  As many secrets as the Bible may hold, there are ten times more that haven't been written, because God simply felt that he couldn't trust any mortal with these secrets.  He did trust Lucifer at one time before the fall and these secrets are still held in the pits of Hell, outside God's own network of knowledge.  This is what the Teller of Secrets tells you.  Simple, right?  Just make sure you are ready for the truth.  Once you see it, there's no turning back.     

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