Threefold Powers of Abracadabra

Threefold Powers of Abracadabra

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This ring holds the essence of the ancient incantation "abracadabra". These days the meaning behind this phrase has been cheapened and you will find stage tricks and sleight of hand being performed while fakers yell abracadabra into the crowd of onlookers. However, the origins of this phrase is actually very powerful. Those who utter the words, taking then in vain, will probably never experience the full extent of what they really entail.

To begin with, abracadabra originates from the Aramaic phrase "avra kehdabra" meaning, "I will create with my words." In ancient times, this phrase was uttered by real-life magicians and sorcerers before they would do their magic. Why? Because of the sacred numerology and geometry of the word. You would have to look up the diagram, but the letters can be placed into a diagram of a triangle where the perimeter of the triangle always spells abracadabra. It goes hand in hand with the secrets that are hidden in words and pentameter of these words. They can be used to create certain effects in reality.

The triangle and it's three sides represent the Holy Trinity of God and the fact that he created something entirely out of nothing. This is the energy that embracing the word abracadabra will bring to you. It will allow you to create something out of nothing. It will allow you to create things out of your words. This ring holds the powers of abracadabra. As such, it brings you the ability to create any type of magic that you need or want. The power is incredible!!

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