Through the Eyes of the Sphinx
Through the Eyes of the Sphinx
Through the Eyes of the Sphinx

Through the Eyes of the Sphinx

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When you take a gander into the unknown, you will realize that the possibilities are endless.  Our existence is so small in the grand scheme of things, and I am sure that you are aware of this.  When you really stop to think about it, to humans everything seems so big.  When put into perspective, it is all very, very small and insignificant.  I know that I will live forever, as long a choose to.  Even to me some things do not make sense, which is why at a young age I decided that I was going to dedicated my life to finding answers.  I have been serving answers to people for some time through the powers that my hoard of a collection of pieces has to offer.  Alas, the answers seem to still be rolling in pretty steadily.  What I mean to say is that our existence is so insignificant that I do not know that we will ever know the whole of what is means to actually exist.  I suppose that is the life you move onto when you die and become resurrected.  I am not savvy simply because, like you, I have never died.  I can say with pretty sure certainty that whatever it really means to exist, what other worlds and forms of existence are out there, will one day be shown to us when we complete our metamorphosis from physical existence to metaphysical.  Until then, I guess we will just scratch our heads, look out into the starry night sky, and wonder, "what if?" 

Well, I suppose you could do that; or if you desire an answer badly enough you could make this item yours.  It is a very powerful piece that I came across the most previous time I was visiting Egypt.  I am sure that you are all aware that the Egyptian, specifically the ancient Egyptian empire, has proven to be one of the most experience ever in existence.  I first came onto the Egyptian culture at a very young age when I attended some sort of weird ritual dedicated to Isis at a young age.  I can tell you that it was before I had become immortal and I cannot remember exactly what it was for.  The times right before I was about to become immortal are very hazy for me.  I am pretty certain that it has something to do with the fact that I was transformed into an immortal; unless they were drugging me to get me ready I did not know. 

Like I have mentioned, this piece comes from my most previous visit to Egypt.  I know that I offer a lot of pieces that hold the powers of the Pyramids in one form or another.  You will please to know that this piece offers a little bit of variety.  The power has been given to it by the Sphinx.  The Sphinx is an ancient structure that most people view as an inanimate object.  I can readily testify to the fact that the Sphinx is not dead, though.  The Sphinx is a living entity.  It has its own form of life that it was given from the life force energy that exists at the center of the universe.  It will not grow and it is not going to get up and walk around any time soon.  I assure you, thought, that there is a very heavy life force presence in the Sphinx, though.  How this has been accomplished I would not be able to tell you.  Aside from the extraterrestrials that brought the secrets of the Sphinx to the ancients, the ancients are the only other people who know the truth to the Sphinx, without the use of some sort of magic.  The Sphinx has a brain to think just like you and I have brains; what is more is that it also has eyes to see just the same way we do.   This is where the powers in this piece really come into play.  Please try to retain what I have told you prior to this point.  It is about to all make sense. 

The eyes of the Sphinx look into the eternal ever after, which is what humans refer to as the universe.  I am not merely referring to our own planetary system or our own solar system.  The Sphinx has astral eyes and it can see all things at the same time.  It was designed like this from the magical beings the brought it to Earth as a gift to the lowly human race.  The last time I was in Egypt I was taken to the Sphinx by a sorcerer who was not necessarily an immortal.  He was more of a time-bender and had travelled from somewhere in the past on a different plain of existence.  He was a prophet and he was visiting the future so he could go back to his ancient people and give them prophecies about the coming of times when visitors from the sky would bring them these great gifts that are the Pyramids and the Sphinx and all those other things that go along with the Egyptian culture.  You must always remember, we are not the only reality that exists, even on Earth.  There are multiple levels to reality.  Which one the time-bender was from, I cannot surely say.  He did not offer much more information than that he was from a reality apart from our own.  He led me to the Sphinx, which was surprising to me because for being a prophet from the past, he seemed to pretty well know his way around.   Perhaps, he had either been here before or he had just been working so diligently that he had mastered the massive passageways and secret chambers that exist within the Sphinx.  It's like I've I said, he did not offer too much in the way of an explanation. 

It is not that I have never been into the Sphinx before, but I can tell you that I have never had an experience like this one before.  I told you earlier that the eyes of the Sphinx see into all of existence.  From the eyes of the Sphinx there is a corridor that meets up with another corridor that is like a maze to try and get through.  It is a miracle that we did not get lost along the way somewhere.  At the end of the maze is where the prize exists.  There is a chamber where the memory of all that the Sphinx sees is kept.  It is more or less the memory of the Sphinx, which I am sure you can imagine covers the span of existence.   The Sphinx exists as an immortal form, whether it is as a magical construct on the face of Earth or it exists in its natural metaphysical form somewhere in the universe.  The Sphinx that we know is not the only one.  There are more of them in other plains of exist that exist as a spirit form.  This is kind of besides the point.  The point that I mean to make is that in this chamber is where all the energies of the Sphinx's memory exist. 

Using the energy that was shored up in this chamber,  I was able to make this piece.  It used to be a more plain looking piece, but transformed when I was making it.  When you look at this piece, it looks like you are staring at a world, much like if you were looking at satellite images of Earth or a far away planet.  This is because you are.  This piece gives you your own world.  When you wear it, you will become like God, because you will be able to transport yourself to your own reality where you are God.  With this power comes the ability to create whatever you want.  I know this concept seems kind of foreign, but before humans took the form we are in now, God had to design everything that we know, down to the very way humans would look, move, walk, act, etc. What I am getting at is with this piece you will be given the power of the life force that I told you about earlier.  You will be able to astral travel to your own world.  The same way God created the Earth, is how you will be able to create in your own world.  You can make whatever beings you desire.  You can make any type of energies, magic, powers, abilities that you desire. 

Remember, you are doing this all based off of the Sphinx's memory of what it has seen from those things that have already taken place in eternity.  Accordingly, you will gain all the knowledge that has been obtained through the Eyes of the Sphinx.  This will allow you to access this bank of knowledge to create any type of existence and reality that you want with any life form, any power, any magic, any ability, any energy-- the list goes on and on.  There are no limits placed on this piece, because it involves and entails everything.  This is how powerful the Sphinx is.  To think that there are people who still think that the Sphinx is just a marvelous, giant rock formation, is  more of a mystery to me than what the Sphinx actually represents.


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