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For those of you who know how to read regular playing cards as tarot cards then these are for you. These do only the major. You toss them for the present and then toss them for the future. You would do two readings with one toss each. If you don't know how to read regular playing cards there are directions online and books you can buy.

What is special about these? These were cast to read the present as it is and then to cast the future as you want it. This is done supernaturally using your energy from your finger tips which is where that energy leaves. You may also before begining the reading ask for any spirit you want to guide the reading and they WILL come. These were made to do that.

How we suggest to use them is as an example if you wanted to be a actress that you call upon someone you like who has died to help you. This person of course would be any famous actress you admire.

If you are looking for wealth then call upon someone who made a ton of money through creativity. Etc, Etc an so on.

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