Thulian Awakening
Thulian Awakening

Thulian Awakening

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The Thule Societ, as it was known, was founded by Rudolf von Sebottendorff.  I will not be typing that again, so from now on we will simply call him Rudy.  You see, Rudy was one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth at one point in time.  He never did achieve immortality, which is quite a shame.  I imagine if he had, he'd probably still be pulling strings somewhere.  
Rudy traveled the Earth in search of the most powerful magic that he could obtain.  He had been schooled in occultism.  He was trained in Islamic Mysticism.  He could practice Alchemy, was able to channel the magic of Rosicrucianism, and had been initiated into Freemasonry while visiting Turkey.  He was taught in Egyptian and Greek mystery schools.  Hindu magic was no mystery to him.  Witchcraft?  Spell-casting?  Raising the dead?  Yeah, no problem.  
However, there was one thing that he craved more than anything.  It was the magic of Thule, which is a land, similar to Atlantis that exists in the far north.  It's guarded by ancient Masters of Light, who refuse entry to all of those who try to enter.  This is because in Thule there exists a land apart that has yet to be bastardized by the greed of humankind.  It is magic in its purest form.  It is a life-force magic that awakens a dormant strand of DNA that exists in all of us.  When awakened, this strand of DNA gives the human mind a makeover, allowing the magic that you practice to be uninhibited by anything.  
This power amplifies the magic that you already have by the thousands.  It allows your alchemy to create the purest gold.  It allows your spell-casting to be 100% on point at all times.  It allows your knowledge to be intensified.  It gives you an understanding of the universe and the multiverse and allows you to control the flow of cosmic life energies, to manipulate it into the magic that you most desire.  It brings wealth.  It heightens the sense.  It gives the most powerful form of psychic ability.  Above all, it holds the possibility of Immortality, which is something that eluded our dear Rudolf throughout his life and continues to mock his death.  
This is the reason why Rudy aligned himself with the Nazis and helped Adolf and Heinrich rise to power.  It is the reason why he oversaw the dark, unnatural magic that was created by the Nazis using human life and alchemy.  His desire to obtain a Thulian Awakening haunted him.  It drove him mad, but in the end, he never got it.  Now he's dead and he never will.  Let bygones be bygones, no?  
Having said all this, we have also searched high and low for anything that would create a Thulian Awakening.  The closest that we came to was during an investigation that we were on in South America.  Trivia time.  What do Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Chile, Uraguay, Paraguay, and Brazil all have in common?  For starters, they are all countries in South America.  Moreover, they are the final stops of the Ratlines that were developed by the newly ostracized Nazis to escape persecution.  
Let's call a spade a spade.  In these places, it was almost like living in a third-world country.  Yeah, there's some civilization here and there, but it's mostly just a giant expanse of nature.  It was the perfect place for the Nazis to set up camp, develop havens and full-blown communities, and continue their magical practices under the radar.  It was in these Nazi safe havens that magic of Thule was continued, without Rudolf who eventually died in November 1945 two months after the end of WWII.  It wasn't until well into the 50s and 60s that the members of the New Nazis Party were able to harness the full effects of Thule magic, having traveled there twice.  
Evidently, they struck gold by moving to South America.  There was something about the Nazca lines that gave them a secret map of the Universe.  Of course, this included a full map of Earth, with which they were able to find Thule once and for all.  How they got past the Masters of Light is far and beyond anything I will understand.  Those entities hold serious powers.  Then again, so did the Nazis, but I don't think it was an all-out war.  They'd had enough of that. Personally, I think they cloaked themselves somehow to get in.  This is just my theory, though.  
Either way, they made it in and made it back two times.  They created a series of magical items.  Like I said earlier, we were on an investigation in South America, more specifically Argentina when we happened across this item.  This item is the closest you will ever get to a full Thulian Awakening.  
What does it do for you?  It will ground your being to the forces of cosmic life that enter our Earth via a system of ley lines and chakra hotspots.  This will allow you to use this cosmic life force to amplify the strength of your magic by thousands of times.  Any magic that you choose to practice will become the most powerful magic of that kind.  Any psychic ability that you have will become amplified.  Any magic that you do while using magically charged pieces will become amplified.  
In fact, everything about you will become amplified.  If you're smart, you will become a genius.  If you are pretty, you will become beautiful.  If you sing in the shower, you will become Pavarotti. You will become the best at everything that you choose to do, just in case the fact that all your magic is going to be amplified wasn't enough for you.  This piece is incredibly powerful.  Again, it doesn't spark a full Thulian Transformation, but this piece is so powerful that it doesn't really have to.  You do want this one and you will enjoy it.  We have tested it and the result is mind-blowing.  
This is a original piece and is an antique. There is only one of these that is original. This is not a duplication.

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