Tigers Eye Angels of Eden
Tigers Eye Angels of Eden
Tigers Eye Angels of Eden

Tigers Eye Angels of Eden

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There is a class of angels that live in the realm of the Garden of Eden.  Their existence is unique because while they are in white form like the rest of the angels in Eden and in Heaven, they hold a Tigers Eye chakra.  There are no other angels like this and they have been given dominion over the elements of Earth and Fire.

As such they have been given the ability to grant the healing powers of the Holy Fire and they hold the magic of the Earth.  This piece has been made with the Tigers Eye Chakra of these special class of angel.  They pass on the magic of these angels, which you will be able to use at your will.  These magics include the following:  

1.)  The ability existence in perfect harmony between good and evil, giving you the existence of a dual entity, able to use any type of magic

2.)  An ability called Divine Union, where you will be able to call upon angels and saints to co-occupy your mortal vessel.  They will leave an imprint on your souls and will allow you to do their magic.  

3.) Manifestation of Will, which is the ability to manifest your own will into existence.  This means the things that you want both consciously and subconsciously will be manifest into your life. 

4.)  Emotional healing including the healing of depression, stress, anxiety and emotional disorders. 

5.)  Objectivity and organization, in other words putting your mind into a heightened state of being where you will experience a full manifestation of psychic powers.   

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