Tim Tum's Bones
Tim Tum's Bones
Tim Tum's Bones
Tim Tum's Bones

Tim Tum's Bones

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One thousand, seven hundred eighteen.  That's how long Tim Tum has been alive.  He was born in ancient China, the son of very wealthy merchants who made their living trading on the Silk Road.  The Silk Road, not just a road, but the name of a network of highways that connected China with Europe and other various parts of the world is where our story begins really.  Had it not been for the fact that Tim Tum grew up accustom to this type of travel, he might not have gained his powers in the first place.  
When Tim Tum was young, barely in his 20s, his parents were murdered.  They were slaughtered by bandits on the Silk Road during a business trip to Constantinople.  There wasn't exactly a security patrol on the road in those days, so merchants would travel in caravans.  Not traveling in a caravan or traveling in small caravan could impose serious consequences upon these merchants.  Unfortunately, Tim Tum's parents were victims of circumstance when their fellow merchants backed out on them at the last minute.  
Instead of waiting, Tim Tum's parents decided to venture off on their own, leaving their son behind to tend to their livestock.  It's not every day that you get the chance to trade silk with Emperor of Rome, which is exactly what they intended to do.  They couldn't postpone their trip.  It could mean death and would certainly mean the loss of any real business in Rome.  They did what they had to do.  Believe me, they suffered the consequences.  
It wasn't until months after their death that Tim Tum was made aware of it.  I mean, think about it.  There were no airplanes or cars in those days, no print media, so everything was pretty much reliant upon word of mouth.  As soon as Tim Tum found out, he took to the Silk Road for himself in search of answers.  He spent the better part of a decade roaming the Silk Road, seeking vengeance upon the thieves who murdered his parents.  During his voyages the only think that he was able to find was a silk scarf that had once belonged to his mother.  The answers he sought surrounding his parents' death never quite came to him.  That was until he met the witch.  
Estelle was a very poor gypsy witch.  She was bound to the Silk Road, traveling to and fro.  She had nothing to offer to anybody other than her magical services.  At a very young age, she was bequeathed the magic of the original gypsy bloodline by her dying grandmother.  Her real mother ran off with a wealth merchant while Estelle was young, so after her grandmothers death, she had pretty much been on her own.  Despite that fact that she was poor and really had nothing, legends of her magic and the abilities that they granted for people spread like wildfire along the Silk Road.  This is what led Tim Tum in the first place.  He knew that if he was to uncover anything that he needed help, probably from unconventional means.  He had sought out help and advice from about everybody that you could possibly think of.  Trusting Estelle was pretty much the last leg of hope that he had to stand on.  Good thing he did, because it worked out incredibly in his favor.  
Using the scarf that he had found that once belonged to his mother, Estelle was able to look back into the past to see that his mother was brutally killed, her body deposited in a Ravine, along with his father's.  The name of the murderer was Claudius.  After receiving the Intel from Estelle, Tim Tum set out to avenge his parents death, which he eventually did.  It took him years and he spent every cent of the fortune that his parents had left for him, but for him it was worth it.  He had finally managed to make amends with his parents murderer.  He felt as though he had been set free.  
After the murder, Tim Tum rescinded from society, joining the ranks of a Tibetan monastery, where he confided in his fellow monks the entire story of his life.  He stayed with the monks for some times, during which the monks gave him this gift.  The gift is the item that see pictured here.  It is carved out of bone, but not just any bone.  It is the bone of ancient Tibetan monks that have lived in the monastery.  The bones were collected after the monks achieved a state of nirvana and their mortal vessels were no longer needed.  Thus, these bones are supercharged with magic.  This magic is an ancient Chinese magic that brings forth many powers and abilities.  To be more concise, this piece grants miraculous healing abilities, both spiritual and physical.  It slows down the aging process, almost to the point of immortality.  This is how Tim Tum has come to be over 1,000 years old.  It holds the awakening of every single psychic ability and power that you can think of.  It also grants extreme wealth.  It holds all the magic that you need for survival.  
It wasn't long after this piece was made that Tim Tum took back to the Silk Road.  He traveled the road, using this piece to bring justice to those who sought to rob and murder other people.  The powers in this piece gave him the ability to heal those that he came across that were sick or dying .  It gave him the ability to give himself wealth so he could afford to travel.  He also granted this wealth to weary merchants that needed help in business.  The psychic powers that he was given were enough for him to apprehend and kill the thieves and bandits that haunted the Silk Road.  With powers such as mind control, telekinesis, psychokinesis, full control of all four elements, plus a very unique ability to create ultrasonic sound waves that are so crippling that it will bring another person to their knees, Tim Tum was able to very good on the Silk Road.
He eventually back up with Estelle in later years, who put an amplification spell the artifact that the monks gave to him.  It was a 10,000x amplification spell, which bolstered the magic so much that he was now even more powerful than she had been.  He took this artifact with him until the day that he decided he no longer wanted to be in human form.  This was the day that he returned to the Monastery in Tibet, begging them help him cease to exist.  He had already used the magic to gain the power that slowed down his aging and his ability of autonomous healing kept him from hurting himself.  He had no idea how to break these spells.  The real truth is that the spells are so powerful, especially after the amplification from Estelle, that there was no way for them to be broken.  
Instead, the monks used their ability of soul alchemy to turn Tim Tum into full spirit form.  They cast him into this piece and it underwent a terrific transformation.  During the transformation, the bones that had been used to make Tim Tum's artifact were reshaped and took the form of a man-- a man named Tim Tum.  They held onto this piece for a very, very long time, because it is so powerful.  We recovered the artifact during an investigation in Nepal.  Not really sure how it got there, but things travel from time to time.  We found it in an abandoned monastery.  The energy of this piece was overwhelming.  We could feel it pulsating like waves crashing on the beach.  Testing and using this piece has been a very powerful experience.  Deedee was almost tempted to keep it for herself, but I had to remind her that we are in this business to provide magic to the people.  She agreed, so now here you are.  
Feast your eyes upon this piece, which provides you the powers of Tim Tum.  It has been carved out of the ancient bones of monks who have achieved Nirvana and no longer need their mortal bodies.  Using this piece, he will sometimes appear to you, but most of the time you will simply feel him in his spiritual essence.  He prefers not to be seen, but this does not stop him from making a psychic connection, via which he will communicate with you.  His piece contains some of the most powerful psychic abilities that we have come across and grants extreme wealth.  It also gives protection, as Tim Tum would have it this way, because he lost his parents at such an early age.  All of these powers are highlighted in the description above (in case you didn't read the whole passage).  This is an incredible offer and an amazing opportunity for you. 

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