Time Phantom, Deepest Manipulation | STAR
Time Phantom, Deepest Manipulation | STAR
Time Phantom, Deepest Manipulation | STAR

Time Phantom, Deepest Manipulation | STAR

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What if 297 years of history had never actually happened and the year is actually 1719 rather than 2016? It sounds like a crazy theory that couldn't possibly hold any merit, doesn't it? I imagine you may change your answer soon enough.

On many occasions, thousands of records that claim to have been written centuries ago to document events from the Middle Ages have been found to be forgeries. There have even been documents allegedly written for events that contain details that could not have possibly been known by the author at the time for a very simple reason. It hadn't happened yet. The Church wrote a fair majority of these during the rule of Roman Emperor Otto III, who openly favored the idea of ruling during 1000 A.D. because it was the start of a new century. He wanted to influence all and be remembered easily.

To fill in 297 years that never occurred, the Emperor, his Pope, and other writers developed events that never took place. They literally made up a portion history. This time period became known as the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages. There is barely any literature, art, records, or cultural artifacts from the entirety of Western Europe during this time. How else could that be explained? There is no progress in science, medicine, education, agriculture, or technology, which would be impossible over the course of almost three centuries.

We know this to be true because we have crossed something other than actual evidence and proof that already exists, that proves this to be more than just a theory.

This item was owned by Roman Emperor Otto III who used it to hypnotized others into believing his rule had begun in 1000 A.D. When you use it, it allows you to see all that it has been used to "create". It is how the manipulation is managed and how the wearer is allowed to keep track of reality so it can be changed at any time. He manipulated others to believe in events that never actually occurred, which is how he got them to write about them and fill in history for him.

It allows the wearer total hypnotism. You will be able to make others believe, disbelieve, learn, or forget whatever it is that you want. Additionally, it grants immunity to hypnosis so, if ever there is a time where someone attempts to do something similar to you or attempts anything that has to do with manipulating your mind, you will be completely resistant. This item is the pinnacle of manipulation.

Further delving into this piece, we have found that he was never changing anything for himself. He was told to by an angelic being that came to visit him. This was because Lucifer who, at that time, had decided to walk the Earth in Earthly form and he himself had changed the time because he did not want Roman Emperor Otto III to become the ruler.

An angel with a flaming sword came to him and said that he was going to give Otto III the power of Lucifer but only to do good with. That is all we know. As far as the time goes, we are not sure. We are, however, certain of the power within this item. If you wish to communicate with the angel, wear it with the angel side facing up.

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