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This is a piece that is very expensive and it is gold because it has to be in order for it to work. The piece is programmed especially for you. This WILL take you back in time and reverse aging. It will only go back 20 years so if you are looking for more then that it will not work for you. If you are looking for 20 years or less then you are good.

How did this piece come to be?

There is a machine done by someone in NJ that held the plans his uncle gave him. They actually worked on it together, a real machine. It is a big square with various gadgets in that seem to be of Tesla's making. They will not give me the plans which who would? I did try it and I liked it because I'm really into history. In the machine you can go forward and backward but using the piece you can go back up to 20 years but the good thing is you can do it more then once. The first piece was made for the guys mother who was suffering from something and they wanted to stop it. I do know what it was but I did say I wouldn't give out the information. I did also talk to the mother who is totally normal and sane. As we got to know each other I found that the uncle had worked for the government, just not the US government. Later on he moved to the US but not of his own free will. Either way now they are happy as they can change the things they want to change.

Please email to discuss then as the piece is made for you and a size is needed for the ring. Payment is done much differently on this piece as it is not being made by me so again, email first.

This is guaranteed to work. This is real time travel you can see the results with.

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