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I have two of these pieces and they are both solid sterling and gorgeous. The one has Labradorite stones and the other has rainbow moonstones. So you would pick from the one you want when you order. I couldn't get the pictures right on the color but they are glowing. It doesn't matter as far as energy or power goes it is just the type of stone you like the most.

First I need to tell you what Mutron is. Mutron was discovered by the  1st Church of Mr. Science. This is an organization that studied forbidden sciences. This place was located in Cambridge, MA.

Mutron is a subatomic time warping particle. This is responsible according to the organization for Jesus and everything in the universe. This also holds the answers to the before life.  The before life is where you were before you landed on Earth. So it seems to me like a pre-Earth thing. The difference is that you are able to grab those abilities that were God like a bodiless. I have done a lot of research on this before the auction and knew that I wanted at least one of them and ended up getting three out of four of them. I was also able to hear the lecture tapes that the organization put out to its members which were really mind-blowing. You learn all about it, how to use it and also music that was from other dimensions and like nothing I have heard before.

The reason you really want this piece.

The reason you want this is for the time warping ability. Yes, it may sound like a video game but it is far from it. The time warping ability has been used since before Earth and what created so much of what we have here and when and how things in history have happened. This technology has been used since the 70's according to the organization. In the lectures, they say that before the 1970's no one had ever even heard of Jesus or knew about dinosaurs. When you listen to how in the world this has happened they talk about how the world changes every day and you have no memory of it. Yes, it is hard to wrap your head around. They also go into mysterious pictures as evidence of this where modern people are in Victorian times, during the civil war and other things. They said the killing of Lincoln was planned in the 1970's and carried out then. You just don't know it and your brain being like a programmed machine is just that, brainwashed and programmed.

I will be honest with you those tapes were very interesting. I 100 percent do believe it and I have my own reasons. As crazy as it seems my reasons are logical. I learned there was a cure for aging and that with that there was no sickness. That technology came during world war 2 and was suppressed using the Time warping particle. This was due to certain wealthy men who were bankers and backed medicine. The medicine made them money but the cures wouldn't. However, don't think for a minute that they didn't take advantage of these discoveries before taking them away from everyone else. They are still with us today. One of them lives in South Carolina and I call him a murderer and I met with him in January. I can't tell you why I met with him as that wouldn't be good. I can say I'm not his friend and he has killed a lot of people. I did ask him how it felt to kill a lot of people and I was thrown out. I still don't care. I do know there are things in this world that are hard to believe but if you have trouble believing then maybe you should do what I do. Get off the couch and travel, search and research. Get out and meet people because you won't believe the things you find out!

I did test this on one serious matter. I can be a person you don't want to mess with if you are evil. Not agreeing with someone is not a big deal but murdering people is something else. With the technology, I used mine to go back and search when this doctor used it to make himself immortal and without illness. I took it away. I did this within a few hours of being thrown out. Both Nymphadora and I decided it was a good idea due to all the suffering he caused others. There are other things I will be doing with mine and things I have been doing. I want to work on a larger scale to take the human mind out of prison where so many want us to stay. With this item the ways you can use it are endless. If you have questions. ask me. I can answer almost anything on these as I have been using them since January.


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