Ting-Ting the Shrunken Head Speaks Powers, Youtube
Ting-Ting the Shrunken Head Speaks Powers, Youtube

Ting-Ting the Shrunken Head Speaks Powers, Youtube

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This piece holds a Shaman's shrunken head that speaks magic!!  I've included the original description, but make sure you check out exclusive details on Youtube.  Here's the link:  https://youtu.be/Gz82n9jckrs


This piece was given to us by a modern-day headhunter.  He belongs to a group that functions more or less like a secret society because they only let certain people join.  We've never gotten around to join only because we are so wrapped up in our own investigation that we don't have the time to join them for all of their headhunts.  In order to maintain membership in this society, you have to go on a certain number of headhunts in a year.  If you don't join them for enough of these head hunts them you lose your membership.  Either way, we work closely with them sometimes because they know we are not going to divulge their secrets to anyone, plus the leader of their society is actually a really good customer of ours and has been for years.  
By now I'm sure you are wondering what exactly a headhunter is.  In ancient times the practice of head shrinking was very popular.  Once a warrior had killed his adversary he would literally tan the enemy's hide.  They would pop the skull right out of the head skin, sew the eyes shut, and carry the heads on a string around their bodies.  They wore the heads during battled to intimidate their enemies, but they also wore the heads because they knew they had magical powers.  
This practice was done in Asia, South America, and actually all over the world at certain periods in time.  However, the piece that we have holds a psychic connection to the most powerful head that was ever found in modern-day Asia.  It was found by the society that I was telling you about before.  They went on a head hunt in northern China an found a stash of shrunken heads in a cave that had apparently been forgotten about and never found by the Chinese government.  
The head that this piece gives a connection too was actually a shaman chief during the warring period of Qin Dynasty.  He holds incredible ancient Asian sorcery powers and he could create vessels of magic simply by speaking the magic into existence.  He has made numerous items for his tribe and the leaders of the Qin Dynasty that they used to gain massive wealth and expand the borders of the empire.  
When you own this piece, you will also gain a direct psychic connection to this shaman who goes by the name Ting-Ting.  He will give you his powers to be able to speak magic into existence.  You will literally be able to hold an empty vessel in your hand, summon Ting-Ting by wearing your piece at the same time, and ordering a magic into this piece.  By the powers that will be vested in you by Ting-Ting, the magic will remain in the piece until you order them out.  If you never order them out, then the powers that you have placed into the item are pretty much eternal.  You can use this to make pieces for wealth, love, ancient sorcery, binding magic, sex magic, pretty much anything you can think of in your mind you can bring to life simply by speak the powers into a piece.  
Sidenote:  You can only order one power into one item.  This was Ting-Ting's rule, not ours.  We're not really sure why he made it this way, but it is what it is.  This piece is extremely powerful either way you look at it.  

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