Tiny Vamp
Tiny Vamp

Tiny Vamp

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In 1889 workers were baffled when they discovered a tiny figurine while drilling water near Nampa, in southwest Idaho.  Skillfully formed in clay, the artifact has proven to be quite a mystery for many years.  Measuring an inch and half long, the tiny statuette depicts human form with near perfection.  
It has been estimated that the figurine is about two million years old, but that is just an estimate as the origins of the doll remain a mystery.  That's okay, though, because we love mysteries.  We decided to pay the figurine a visit, where it was currently on display.  While we were there, we were able to successfully create a second one of the figurines with a source of duplicate power.  After testing the figurine we have come to the conclusion that this piece is not just simply an artifact, but a vessel.  
It was created by a Native American shaman who used the vessel as a binding piece for a vampire that was draining his villagers of their blood.  The tine prison was then buried after being given an entrapment spell to keep the vampire in.  We extracted the vampire and put him into this item because the duplicate figurine that we created was delicate and would not last much longer than the time it took us to find the vampire.  It wasn't meant to be permanent.  
This piece holds a sanguine vampire, the powers of which you gain when you wear this piece.  This will give you all the typical vampire powers of mind control and superhuman.  You will be able to hear nearly half a mile away, for instance.  You will gain strength and speed and stamina.  Your sex will be out of this world for both you and your partner.  You will be given a full awakening of psychic abilities that will allow you to see the future, heal a living creature, or project yourself into the astral realms.  You will not crave blood, which is probably a good thing and your body will take on the ability of auto-healing that way you will always be protected when traveling the astral realms or other places.  

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