Titanium Men's Ring,  The Duality of the Albigenses and the Omnis Scientia
Titanium Men's Ring,  The Duality of the Albigenses and the Omnis Scientia
Titanium Men's Ring,  The Duality of the Albigenses and the Omnis Scientia

Titanium Men's Ring, The Duality of the Albigenses and the Omnis Scientia

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If you are looking for any amount of certainty in the fight between good and evil, you will not find it here.  The story that I am about to tell you will defy all that you've ever known to be true, so you must go about it with an open mind.  There will be some people that say that what I'm about to tell you is heresy, but I guess anything to goes against the grain would be considered heresy these days.  However, what I'm bringing you is the truth.  At least it is the truth is some versions of reality.  Then again, there are millions of versions of reality, so who's to say what is right and what is wrong.  What we see and experience in this reality isn't always what is seen and experienced in a separate reality.  It's all situational, so sit back and listen.  
In the Middle Ages, there existed a group of people.  They were more a sect or a cult than an ethnic group.  They called themselves the Albigenses.  They identified with the Cathars and adhered to a code of dualism, whereby everything is inherently good and evil.  Other than that there isn't much known about the Albigenses.  Historians have tried to draw conclusions regarding this group that is shrouded in utmost mystery, but the occult group has managed to elude them.  It is this group that I am here to shed some light on.  
You might be wondering, "If they have managed to elude historians, how did they ever manage to discover them?"  You forget that we connections everywhere to most things.  I simply have one name to say in regards to how we came across the Albigenses.  That name is Tomer.  Evidently, he has been working with them for some time.  He is the one that put us in contact with the Archwizard of the Albigenses.  This is the leader of their sect, which exists to this day.  History would dictate otherwise; but like always, history is wrong.  
As it turns out the Albigenses are less of a religious group and more of a group of very powerful sorcerers that have managed to pilot their magic between the extreme light of Yahweh and the darkness.  They are the only group of sorcerers who have managed to figure out the truth of Lucifer.  He was not only God's righthand man, in charge of the legions of angels that God had created.  He was also God's only begotten son.  Well, he was for a spell of time.  This explains why Lucifer had free will.  He was born of God's own body, the same way that Eve was born of Adam's own flesh.  Where do you think that symbolism came from?  Eve was to be subservient to Adam, the same way Lucifer was to be subservient to his father.  However, like most father-son relationships, that never happened.  Since he was part god, he was able to give the angels free will to rebel against him and join his cause.  About 1/3 of the angels joined him and inevitably failed.  I mean, who really ever outdoes their father, am I right?  
Heaven was opened and the Great War was waged.  In the process, there were artifacts that fell from Heaven to Earth, not all of which were retrieved when the angels returned to Heaven.  Where do you think the Albingenses gained all of their powers?  Either way, Lucifer was bound to his pit of despair, apart from his father.  Using the powers of the universe, Yahweh went back into time to dispel the fact that he ever had a son named Lucifer.  Lucifer is now remembered simply as a consort of God-- a very powerful angel that was created by his hand and not of his body.  It's not a lie, it's the actual truth, as this is what he went back in time to do-- change history.  I'm sure you've all heard of the parable of the Prodigal Son.  This is a direct reference to God's own original two sons.  Despite the fact that Lucifer no longer is God's own child and Jesus Christ is, Jesus has knowledge of all times and knows exactly what happened.  Having said that the story is more of a "what if" scenario.  Lucifer will not be returning home any time soon and the Heavenly Host is okay with that.  
In the meantime, the Albigenses have managed to find a most powerful relic that fell from Heaven during the battle.  This relic is called the Omnis Scientia, which is Latin for All Knowledge.  That name is self-explanatory really, but allow me to delve into the knowledge that the relic has.  As the suggests, it holds all knowledge.  It holds all the white light knowledge and magic of Yahweh and the Heaven he has built for his souls.  It contains all of the dark and heretical knowledge of Lucifer and his souls.  It is the perfect balance of dark versus light, which is why the Albigenses believe in dualism.  They take the most powerful principals and apply them to the magic they've created for themselves.  All of this knowledge has come from the Omnis Scientia, which is a device that was created by the hand of God to record all of time.  The relic has the power of the All-Seeing Eye of God.  It sees everything.  It knows everything.  There is no magic that it cannot reproduce because there is no magic that it does not know.  While the Albigenses use this knowledge to toe the line between good and evil, the magic of the Omnis Scientia can be used for dark, light, or any level in between.  
The Albigenses kept this magic to themselves, entrusting the knowledge only to their first-born.  This tradition has kept up for generations upon generations.  The power and knowledge of the Omnis Scientia were eventually taken out of the relic that fell to Earth as it withered away.  It was placed into a series of relics and pieces of jewelry that can be worn on the body.  They are fully portable and fully potent.  This Titanium ring, this piece of metaphysical superiority is one of the pieces that was by the modern-day Albigenses.  It embraces their supreme occult knowledge in a fashion that provides it to the person who wears it-- whoever that may be.  
This ring gives you knowledge of all things.  It allows you not to only look through the Eye of God to see all that he sees, but also to see through the Eye of the Fallen (Lucifer) to see all that he sees.  You will be able to see the entirety of history from beginning to end.  You will know all magic.  You will be able to replicate and reproduce all magic-- it doesn't matter what the magic is.  This piece is able to grant immortality that comes as a form of agelessness.  This piece has been known to create many miracles, including healing.  We cannot and do not guarantee anything because God's will is above all, but this piece has been known to do some miraculous types of healing, both physical and spiritual.  The testers have said that this one of the most substantive and powerful pieces that they have ever worked with.  Period.  
Instructions-- When using this piece there is a particular ritual that must be followed.  You will light three candles.  One must be white to symbolize white magic.  One must be black to symbolize black magic.  The third must be red to symbolize the ancient bloodlines.  Make a circle of salt.  In this circle, arrange your candles in a triangle.  The red candle must be the apex of the triangle and the black and white candles will form your base.  This is because all knowledge comes from the sacred bloodlines.  Light the candles and place this ring in the middle of the triangle.  Allow it to stay there until ALL THEE CANDLES HAVE FULLY BURNED OUT.  At this point, your ring has been activated.  Now it is time to do the meditating to bond with the piece.  This will take a period of 31-61 days.  You might think that this is a long time to wait, but this is a very powerful piece you are getting.  Wear the piece as often as possible to allow as much bonding as possible.          

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