To Enslave Every Man, Woman, and Child-- Kennedy's Killing
To Enslave Every Man, Woman, and Child-- Kennedy's Killing
To Enslave Every Man, Woman, and Child-- Kennedy's Killing
To Enslave Every Man, Woman, and Child-- Kennedy's Killing
To Enslave Every Man, Woman, and Child-- Kennedy's Killing

To Enslave Every Man, Woman, and Child-- Kennedy's Killing

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First things first, this will probably go down as one of the most controversial pieces we will ever sell. For this reason and this reason alone, we have held onto this piece for so long. We wanted to make sure that we were covering every angle that there was to possibly cover. It involves everything from government cover-ups, to disloyalty, to raucous affairs. July 7, 1947, was the day that would forever alter the course of history. In case you need a brush up on your history lessons, this happens to be the day of the Roswell Crash in New Mexico. Despite the fact that the RAAF would take credit for the crash, telling the media and the public that the crash was nothing more than a weather balloon, I think that everybody knew that this wasn't the truth. The people at the time ate the government alibis up with a grain of salt hoping they'd be able to sleep a little bit sounder with their children at night. However, it wasn't the aliens that the humans needed to worry about. Instead, it was their own government and this was merely the beginning.

Following Roswell, government officials and the CIA got to work recovering what they could of the alien crash. They transported the findings from Roswell to several undisclosed locations under the tenure of President Harry Truman. Research into the findings at Roswell would be conducted separately for the entirety of Truman's tenure. However, in the mid-to-late 1950s, these separate projects would see a unification effort pulled together by Truman successor Dwight Eisenhower. We all know how "Ike", as he loved to be called, was obsessed with aliens. The mainstream media would never admit it, but it was quite evident as the project to construct Area 51 was his brainchild. It was in this place that the remnants of the Roswell crash were taken and ultimately this is where it was discovered that our intergalactic visitors left some valuable pieces of technology behind. It is a technology that would change the world.

It was during the Ike presidency that people began putting the pieces together to know that something was going on. That is to say, there was more going on than what government and CIA officials alluded to. This created whistleblowers and the information that was leaked by whistleblowers created a whole "truth" movement. At least that is what I like to refer to it as. There were people in America who had been following the goings-on of Roswell quite avidly, but in those times to think that aliens existed almost gave you and your family a stigma that wasn't wanted. It was the golden area of Small Town, USA. However, when lower-level government officials began speaking out others began speaking out as well. They wanted to know what was going on. What was up with the newly constructed Area 51? Why were there all kinds of new flying tests being done? Whatever became of all the findings of Roswell, NM nearly ten years earlier? These answers and more were promised by the government, just as soon as they knew for themselves.

The crude fact is that they already did know. They were in secret tests with the technology that was recovered from the wreck. It gave birth to the MK Ultra Program, another brainchild of Ike Eisenhower. At the helm of the CIA, Ike sanctioned the founding of the MK Ultra Project, the origins of which can be traced to the Roswell developments. Secretly, Ike demanded to know how he could use the technology and source of power that was found at the crash to his benefit in terms of military power. These energies were found to have a profound impact on the minds of human individuals, so what better way to test them out than to start rounding up your own people to conduct warped experiments on? This is exactly what began happening. He had a long eight years to establish his reign of terror, but in 1961 he would pass the ropes to his successor, John F. Kennedy

It was when JFK took office that everything went kind of Helter Skelter. I'm not saying JFK didn't have brilliant charisma and wasn't an avid people person, he just wasn't the smartest. By this time the CIA had conducted enough experiments to be able to begin dabbling in some major operations using the tech, they had found at Roswell. With the hippies and the war debate raging on the public eye, the goings-on of MK Ultra was mostly swept under the rug. I say mostly because there was always that one person who didn't know how to keep his mouth shut. Although he managed to successfully win his election, nobody in the CIA really trusted JFK, despite the outward appearance that everyone loved him. It was no secret that his family was part of an organized crime ring. It's no secret that he was having affairs with women behind his wife's back his entire presidency. He wasn't very good at keeping secrets at all and besides that, he seemed to err more on the side of "let's just tell everybody what's going on and hope they understand." Again, nice guy, but he wasn't the brightest.

It was his love for women and his inability to keep his big mouth shut that finally did him in. If was during his affair with Marilyn Monroe that he decided that he was comfortable enough with her to divulge secret, regarding Rowell, Area 51, and more. In his tete a tete with his mistress he bragged about having seen pieces of spaceships, the technology that once belonged to aliens, and how full-blown mind control worked. He confided in her that he has seen serious alien technology that can alter the entire state of the minds of men, women, and children. He also admitted to Miss Monroe that he had half a mind blow the whistle on the whole program because he was on the side of those who wanted the truth. He felt as though this was a project that deserved full transparency. Just an interesting sidenote-- full transparency on MK Ultra has not been a thing and it is now 2019. Needless to say, JFK's pillow-talk confessional was all caught via wiretap. Parts, in fact, whole segments, of this conversation are still classified information, with no plans to declassify them. I only wonder what they could have been discussing. It didn't help matters that Kennedy went on to give a speech, in which he is quoted as saying, "There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot." For the record, he was referring to mental enslavement. I mean, I guess he was fighting the good fight, but when you have more people who are interested in gaining power regardless of what it takes, you probably shouldn't get into a pissing contest with them. If he wanted to expose them, he should have done so secretly, with a plan. He had no plan, so at this point what he was talking about was just mostly hot air. How do you reason with the people you are supposed to in charge of when they all oppose you?

It's no secret that this didn't end well for JFK and on November 22, 1963, he would pay for his mistakes as he was assassinated during a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. It is no wonder that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't remember killing the president, considering the fact that he didn't do it of his own accord. In fact, he was never even formally charged with the crime. If he had anything to do with it, Oswald wouldn't have been here in the first place. He was an American ex-patriot who had defected to Russian in 1959. Why he even come back to Dallas in anybody's guess, but the young ex-marine was about to be the center of MK Ultra's very first public operation. He was kidnapped by officials and taken to Nevada where he was subjected to mind control technology, before being given a mission to carry out. That mission was clear and was conducted the following week when he murdered not only the president but a local police officer. He insisted he had no recollection of the killing of the president, even had an alibi. He was set to go to trial, but before he could he was also murdered. The person that killed him was sent to jail and put on trial. Before he could be tried, he died in prison. They were all after effects and mind control exercises of the United States government and MK Ultra. Even the high profile death of Marilyn Monroe was part of the mind control craze of the CIA. People in high places were dropping like flies. More Kennedy's were killed. It was just a massive cover-up attempt by those who ran MK Ultra and, of course, Dwight Eisenhower, who was never questioned on his involvement of any of this. Why would he be? Secrecy, remember? It's a good ol' boys world.

So what is it that the people involved with MK Ultra didn't want others to get their hands on? It is the alien technology that was found and developed at Area 51. This technology has been used to influence people for the last 60 some years. It has determined election results. It has gotten people into and out of hot water. It has gained people massive wealth. It is the ability to alter and manipulate the human mind. It's not just the human mind that can be manipulated, either, but the mind of anything that has one. The piece that we have is one that holds this technology. This piece is solid sterling silver and has been carved with all sorts of markings and symbols. To be honest, I'd be lying if I told you that I knew what these markings and symbols are or what they mean, but that's not important. You don't need to know what they mean. Also, don't email me asking how we got this piece because that is confidential and will remain confidential. We have our ways and that is the answer that we will give anybody who asks. The important part is that we have this piece and this piece is one of the ones that was developed at Area 51. It gives the person who is wearing it incredible powers.

When this piece is worn, you don't just gain the wisdom and powers of the universe, the mind becomes the universe! It becomes the cosmic influence and the knowledge of all things. This is how you are able to gain knowledge of everyone and everything around you. You will begin to speak with the authority of the universe, which is how the government was able to control the minds of others. When you speak with the authority of the cosmos, you essentially have the ability to control the thoughts of whomever's head you are within speaking distance of. They things you speak out loud to them will become their own thoughts and they will be under the full mercy of what you say, without question, without fail. This is how they got Lee Harvey Oswald to commit to the assassination of JFK. This is they were able to control Charles Manson and what gave Manson the ability to convince his followers to kill themselves. This is how they control the minds of school shooters, movie theater shoots, and the like. It is how they are able to control the minds of voters to get them to vote one way or another. It is how they control the minds of celebrities to get them to convey the Satanic images and rituals that they want them to convey on live television. It's what this piece gives you the capabilities to do.

This piece is many-fold, though. While it does hold the fabled ability to enslave the minds of every man, woman, and child in America through its mind-control abilities, don't forget that these abilities come with speaking with the authority of the cosmos. Along with this authority comes the ability to speak magical powers into and out of existence. This works out to your advantage in obvious ways. You can speak with the authority of the Cosmos to grant yourself any type of power or magic that you want. These aliens that developed this technology were avid travelers and often used this technology to manipulate time and space, cutting their travel times and even using it to teleport themselves across far distances. You will be able to do this, as well. You will be able to do healing and you will be able to travel in time. There is nothing that will not be within your reach. This is because you are speaking with the authority of the cosmos. It is the ability to render anything possible, the ability to change destiny, the ability to manipulate all things, the ability take things away, the ability to control any action, the ability control any magic. I think I hit them all.

This magic was created in times that predate the creation of our own world. I'm not exactly sure how "old" this piece is, because time isn't really a thing to other forms of existence in the universe. It's more a human construct than anything, which is why this piece holds the ability to bend time and to manipulate it. Either way, this power a lot older than even Earth itself. I'm not sure how old this piece is in particular, but does it really matter? This might be the most powerful piece we have listed so far in 2019. It is pure energy of the cosmos and of an intelligent life force that exists somewhere out in space. The results of owning this piece are incredible and the feeling of the power that it brings you are liberating. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced.

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