Tomb of the Traveling Samurai
Tomb of the Traveling Samurai

Tomb of the Traveling Samurai

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This is one of those quintessential Asian mother of pearl fish necklaces. It was originally for wealth and luck. Well it will still do both of those things for you, it has been magically imbued and charged with what you will read about below. This is a very powerful piece that you will not want to miss out on! Keep reading for more juicy details.



Many of us would like to become the perfect warrior, soldier, or samurai. We aren't built for it, we don't have the strength or courage for it. We most certainly don't have the magic that it requires to be a warrior of that level. If that is where you find yourself, then search no more! This piece is for you.  


We found this piece in Japan during an astral journey that we went on. It was a few years back. We simply haven't told anybody about this piece because we have been working with it to see exactly what it is capable of. I'll tell you from persona experience, this piece will rock your world.  


We found this piece after the Earthquake that produced the deadly tsunami of March 11, 2011. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will remember Adita. She has since moved on to other things, but we were working with her at the time. After the tsunami, she traveled to Honshu to see if there was anything she could help with. She does, after all, have plenty of her own magic that proved helpful.  


While she was there, she ended up having visions that led her to an opening in the side of a mountain. I guess during the magnitude 9.1 Earthquake a rock must have been jostled and the mouth of a cave was opened up.


Adita called us at once when she realized what she had stumbled upon. It was the crypt of the legendary Traveling Samurai Sikawa. Inside was a burial chamber. The remains of Sikawa and his Seven Soldiers remained. Around the finger, the skeleton the belonged to Sikawa was a ring. We call it the Ring of Sikawa.  


Up until this point we had never personally heard of Sikawa, but evidently in the Asian underground world of sorcery and magic finding the Ring of Sikawa is like the equivalent of westerners finding the Holy Grail.  


Here's the thing-- Sikawa is the legendary Traveling Samurai. He is the quintessential warrior and soldier who can transcend the existence of both time and reality. He defected from the Emperor and with him, he took seven of his most loyal followed, called his seven soldiers.  


Sikawa was not only able to master the magic of the samurai, but through his travels to other realms and other periods he was able to master a whole lot more.  


We are not offering the original Ring of Sikawa, as we have reburied the ring with him. we have also resealed the tomb and we are not discussing its whereabouts. What we have is a piece that we have transferred the power of Sikawa's ring into entirely.  


With this piece, you experience what we call a spiritual and physical transcendance. This is not a full-blown transformation, but I guess you could say that it is almost like a mini-transformation. With this piece, you will become the perfect samurai warrior... the perfect soldier.  


Samurais prided themselves on their use of magic during battle. They have illusory magic and the ability to change reality and the perception of reality that their opponents experience. They can make things appear out of thin air. They can physically affect the body from a distance. For instance, I once met a samurai that could choke an opponent from a distance. He could also cause confusion and disorientation in the mind of others with a magical frequency he had mastered. He transmitted like sonar from his own mind. One samurai I encountered could become full-on invisible. He could levitate and telekinetically teleport himself short distances such as across the room or to another floor of a building.  


Not only do samurais pride themselves on their magical abilities, but they also pride themselves on their superhuman endurance, speed, strength, agility, perseverance, and iron will. In terms of toughness and mental acuity, you will never find a better soldier than the samurai. they are the cream of the crop.  


What you are receiving with this piece is the physical transcendance that we told you about. This piece holds the spiritual presence of Sikawa, the traveling samurai. When you own this piece this spiritual presence will be merged with your own. You will receive the characteristics and attributes of the ancient samurai. This includes. We have given you some examples of all the different things this includes throughout, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. This piece reveals the ancient secrets of the samurai the powerful, unlimited magic that they, and only they, have access to.  


In addition to all of this ability, as if this wasn't powerful enough, you will also receive the extras that belonged exclusively to Sikawa. For instance, you will receive his ability to transcend time and reality. You will be able to travel throughout time. You will be able to travel to other dimensions and realities. You will gain the ability to open doors and portals and gateways because that is the power of the ancient samurai Sikawa. He was the best at it and you will also become the best at it. You will have the opportunity to acquire power and magic from the many places that you will travel.  


This piece also offers immortality if you choose it. Sikawa did not because it comes with indebtedness to Susanoo, who is the wise and sneaky Japanese trickster god. However, Sikawa still exists and thrives on the astral plane. You will encounter all of this once you begin exploring your piece.  


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