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It is no doubt that Albert Einstein would be considered one of the most intelligent beings to ever live.  His spectrum of intelligence is even greater than some of the advanced race beings that we come across in our investigations.  So where he did gain all of this intelligence?  Was is something he was born with?  Was it something he acquired?  
After a thorough analysis, I'd have to honestly say that intelligence was just something he was born with, but it did help that at a very young age-- I'm talking about elementary school age-- he had an encounter with an alien healer.  You won't find this occurrence anywhere in his history, because it was something that he did not discuss regularly with people.  However, young Albert had an accident while swimming in a lake outside Munich when he was being school as a young boy.  
Einstein nearly perished when his body was pulled under from a current that was flowing beneath the surface of the lake.  He doesn't recall too much of what happened afterward other than the fact that he knows he was saved by an ethereal being, the likes of which he never saw before in his life.  Unfortunately, he was never able to make contact with that being again.  However, he spent his entire life developing quantum mechanics and the idea of space travel in order to someday meet the entity who literally breathed life into his lifeless body.  
Though he doesn't remember the face of the entity perfectly well, he knows for a fact that is wasn't human, because when he was given his new life, that is when he was given a divine knowledge that sparked a passion for excelling in science.  He all of a sudden knew things that children his age, or humans in general should know.  Since that day, he was curious and wanted to know who saved him.  He wanted to know who these beings were that watched humans from the shadows of the Earth.  
This led him to a life full of scientific expression and experimentation.  During his life he was successful in engineering many scientific breakthroughs, including his famous mass-energy equivalence formula, E-MC2.  This is not where he drew the line, though.  He desperately wanted to figure out his new identity and the identity of the being that saved his life when he was a young child.  This is why aside from his conventional scientific wisdom, he also dabbled in the unconventional.  
Although Albert Einstein's knowledge was considered a turning point for most modern physicists, he was also known among the metaphysical realms for his supernatural abilities to defy the limits of space and time.  These are the types of powers that I mean, when I tell you that Albert Einstein was not only a very intelligent man, but he was a very magically adept man thanks to the divine knowledge that was given during his rebirth by the hands of an extraterrestrial healer.
Although he was all about free thought and sharing his knowledge with everyone, Albert Einstein did not publish all of his works.  There some of them of them that were secretly kept, because he knew that mankind simply wasn't ready for the kind of knowledge that he possessed.  You see, when young Albert was saved by his Ethereal being, and his life was reinstated, when he was given his second chance a life with an eternal wisdom, he was given ancient secrets of the universe.  
These secret knowledge forms gave Einstein an wakening and an attachment to the core of the universe unlike anything he'd ever experience.  This is how he ended up gaining the knowledge of time travel and space travel.  Of course, he never divulged this information because he felt as though the world wasn't ready.  He gave bits and clues of the wealth of information that was given to him, for those who were intelligent enough to figure it all out.  The rest of this information he secretly publicized in a journal that he entitled The Time Traveler's Compendium.    
The Time Traveler's Compendium is just that.  It's a compendium of ancient magic and gives, in great detail, all the knowledge of being able to bend the space-time continuum to travel throughout time to anywhere you want to go.  It gives a very detailed travelogue of Einstein's journeys as he ventured throughout time and space given the powers he received.  There are several copies of this Compendium.  Yes, the government probably has one, along with Einstein's cryogenically frozen body.  However, we have also obtained a copy.  We have been able to use the knowledge in the copy of the Compendium to place the time-traveling power into this piece. 
This piece is one of the weirdest looking watches that I've ever encountered. It holds the full power of the Time Traveler's Compendium. With it you gain the ability to bend the space-time continuum in such a way that allows you to travel through time-- forward and backward, past and future.  You can literally dream up anywhere you want to go along the continuum and the advanced powers that are set into this piece will allow you to go there.  

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